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You Might Be Getting Twice as Much American Horror Story Next Year

Ryan Murphy is at it again, and by "it" I actually mean "running semi-good things into the ground because he doesn't know when to say stop." The creator and executive producer of American Horror Story recently revealed that he's considering developing two seasons of the FX anthology drama for 2016. "Next year we might do a fall American Horror Story and a spring," Murphy told the magazine. "We have to decide."

Uh, talk about jumping the gun. Not only haven't we seen what damages Hotel will bring this fall, but Freak Show wasn't exactly the greatest, or even the most coherent, season of the series. It kind of feels like the show is nearing its end point, especially when you consider that Murphy is also currently working on Fox's horror-comedy Scream Queensand FX's American Crime Story. He's spread kind of thin as it is. But if (when) things inevitably fail to live up to expectations, you should know that it's not entirely Murphy's fault, because they've brought in two different writers' rooms. "Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group [is] coming in late August," he explained.

Apparently, he's also shaking things up storywise, too. "The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark," he said.

Well, someone got a new Word of the Day calendar! Anyway, by my count, we've now seen a mansion, an asylum, a witches' coven, a circus, and a hotel. What's next, an abandoned amusement park? A haunted corn maze? Tim's basement? I shudder at the thought.

What do you think about the possibility of twice the American Horror Story?

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