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X Company: Five Spies. One Mission. New Season. First Look.


Five spies. One mission. X Company is back on CBC Television this coming Wednesday, January 27 at 9pm.

Here's where things are at. Germany has occupied France. The Allies are planning an invasion. One agent has been shot. Another captured by the Nazis.

The team is reeling from the disaster of losing Alfred to the Gestapo. To make things worse, Aurora, Neil, Tom and Harry have been cut off from all communications with Camp X.

Season two promises to be a darker, grittier season of X Company.  In the video at the top, the cast talks about how the harsh realities of war impact their characters.

Oh, and if you need to catch up on season one, you can do that at  And if you don't have enough time, watch the video below - where the cast does a recap in under two minutes.

And as an added bonus, watch this fun video called X Company: Secrets From The Set.

From bad dance moves to brilliant puns, the cast of X Company take a few digs at each other while revealing all about their time together on set.

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