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WONDER WOMAN 1974 (Pilot)


In 1974, Cathy Lee Crosby Starred as Wonder Woman in a made-for-TV movie of the comic book (a year before Lynda Carter would popularize the role in a weekly series). Although the telefilm was a ratings success, producers decided to retool the product to more closely resemble the comic book version, resulting in Carter playing the role. Crosby's incarnation of Wonder Woman makes a one-panel cameo in the comic book Infinite Crisis #6 as part of an alternate Earth.

This version of Wonder Woman (Cathy Lee Crosby) did not wear the comic book costume including the trademark tiara and her "secret identity" of Diana Prince was not all that secret. The film follows Wonder Woman, assistant to government agent Steve Trevor (Kaz Garas) as she pursues a villain named Abner Smith (Ricardo Montalban) who has stolen a set of code books containing classified information about U.S. government field agents.


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