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Wolves Hunt Caribou In Quebec’s Northern Forest | Wild Canadian Year

Capturing this epic predator/prey chase involved two camera crews, one on the ground and one flying overhead in a helicopter.

The crew travelled by helicopter to the herd'a winter range, a location over 150 kilometres from the closest community.  They stayed in a — very — rustic Cree hunter’s cabin that was opened with a crowbar, on the advice of the owner!

Capturing the lengthy hunt involved two film crews.  Cameraman Justine Maguire hiked into position on the ground near the herd with hungry wolves were lurking in the forest nearby.  “We just had two wolves run right past us, full of confidence. You could tell this is their land. It was just amazing!”

Jeff Turner, meanwhile, followed the chase from above in a helicopter. “We were able to keep pace with the wolves and caribou as they moved through the forest. It was all very fast and the caribou were twisting and turning through the trees. Then one of the caribou made a fatal mistake.”   

The ancient predator/prey chase was captured on film.

Caribou Quebec Northern Forest

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