Will Smith may have been asleep during the Golden Globe nominations early Wednesday morning, but his wife Jada Pinkett Smith made sure to give him a wake up call. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Smith said Jada slapped him on the butt when she found out he received a Golden Globe nom for best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama for his role in Concussion.

“It was really strange because they come on the West coast, it was at 5:30 in the morning. I was sleep. I felt like a slap on my ass and Jada said, ‘You got nominated for a Golden Globe!’ So I was like, that’s a strange way to learn.” Added Smith, “Jada gets all the Google alerts and all of that stuff. She said, 'Oh my, I’ve got to give a spanking.”


Fallon also asked Will about his daughter Willow Smith’s sudden album release, to which Smith confirmed that he’s working on new music as well. “We were both recording at the same time which is kind of weird," said Smith. "I be messing with stuff man. I got a couple of things I like so Jeff (DJ Jazzy Jeff) and I are definitely going to go on tour next year.”

Smith noted that his 2016 tour, which he teased to Billboard earlier this month, would allow him to fulfill a music wish that was quickly pushed to the side by the success of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Smith recalled that he and Jeff won the first Grammy ever given to a rap group for their single "Parents Just Don't Understand," but were not able to go on tour after.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air came on the air in 1990, so I was already on the show and we never really had a chance to go out and tour. We decided a couple of months ago we have to really go up one good time because be never really had a chance to go out and blaze it up."

Will Smith also discussed his new film Concussion and later played a round of Catchphrase with Kirsten Dunst that included a nostalgic reference to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Watch the actors play the game in the clip below.