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Will Peter lose everything?

Peter assures Leanne and Simon he hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol and the affair with Chloe is pure fantasy but they refuse to believe him. Peter rails at Ken, accusing him of wrecking his life. As Toyah climbs into Toby’s car, Peter marches into the Rovers and takes a bottle of whiskey.

Daniel confides in Ken that Sinead’s had a miscarriage and he feels partly to blame because of all the stress he’s caused. Will Ken put him out of his misery?

Tracy accuses Ken him of putting his kids before her and Amy. Meanwhile, Amy makes a call saying she’s leaving the money behind the clock, when Ken suddenly walks in…

When Todd makes a joke about the spirit world, Phelan flips and shoves him against the wall. Phelan seethes when Ken tears a strip off him for taking so long over the kitchen.

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