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coronation street, carla connor

Will Carla turn on Tracy? 'It depends on how far she can be pushed,’ says Corrie’s Alison Kin

carla connor

Carla's feeling the fear as blackmailing Tracy threatens to tell Nick all, Coronation Street's Alison King reveals to Soaplife...

If only Carla had told Nick about the one night stand herself!
"I know. If she had then maybe she would not be in this position now and they could have moved on from it. But as time goes on it gets more difficult to come clean, which means that Tracy [Kate Ford] is all-powerful and she's revelling in the power she has. It infuriates Carla because she's not used to being the underdog."

She is! Does Carla really want to leave Weatherfield?
"She's the sort of person who quite likes the idea of starting afresh and has left town before on occasions. However, she's always returned because she's missed the place. This time she’ll really miss it because now she has family in Weatherfield but Tracy is forcing her hand and forcing her out. Then again, she knows if she's with Nick [Ben Price] she'll be happy wherever she is."

If Tracy continues to blackmail her, could Carla snap?
"Maybe at the moment she just thinks it would be easier to walk away… If it wasn't about Nick she would have snapped before now. But the stakes are too high for her. I am sure at some point Tracy might just tip her over the edge. This is a very different Carla we are seeing at the moment so it remains to be seen just how far Tracy can push her."

If you were Carla’s friend, what advice would you give her?
"Tell Nick and take the power away from Tracy - without power blackmailers are nothing. She would have to cope with the fall-out from Nick but hopefully they could work through it and come out the other side. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing Carla tell Tracy to get lost."

How do you feel about leaving the show soon?
"Calm, a bit sick, excited… For me it is about saying goodbye to some amazing people who I Iove working with, both cast and crew. I am ready to say farewell to Carla but I will miss everybody here."

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