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Wicked City Ties Record Ratings Low, Could It Be the Season's First Legitimate Cancellation?

There's a monster that lives under your TV that eats canceled network television shows and it is STARVING. Check your calendars: it's November. Yet no broadcast network has make an honest-to-goodness cancellation and pulled a show from its schedule mid-terribly-rated-season. (Several shows have had their episode orders trimmed, which is technically a cancellation, but none have been yanked in the middle of their runs.)

But ABC may be the first to throw the Canceled TV Monster a meal thanks to its newest series Wicked City, an anthology murder-mystery starring Ed Westwick as a man who murders young women while they are giving him blowjobs in 1982 Los Angeles. At least that's what the pilot is about, I haven't seen an episode since. And I'm not the only one. Last night's episode of Wicked City, the third in its first season, fell to a 0.4 rating in the 18-to-49 demo, the lowest number for a broadcast series this fall and apparently a tie for the lowest rating ever for a broadcast series. According to Deadline, the 0.4 would tie it with NBC's A to Z and  American Odyssey and Fox's Mulaney for the lowest-rated broadcast series from the Big 4 (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) ever.

A network would typically throw a show into the trash that did this poorly faster than you can say Lone Star, but this season has shown off a softer, more patient side of the networks. But it's hard to fathom ABC letting this one go on when it can throw a Quantico repeat in there in its place to save money, promote its new hit, and likely put up better numbers.

When Wicked City does go, it will join Fox's Minority Report, NBC's The Player and Truth Be Told, and ABC's Blood & Oil as goners.

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