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Why Call The Midwife is the best show on telly : 7 Links of the Week

Why Call The Midwife is the best show on telly : TV Times 7 Links of the Week

Here's seven favorite things from the web this week (27 February - 4 March 2016) featuring Call The Midwife, the genius of Tony Warren, Pinkie and Perky, Happy Valley and so much more…

Which link is YOUR favourite? Is Call The Midwife really the best show on telly? Let us know below in our comments section – official TV Times mugs for the three posts we like best. Good luck!

1 A tribute to Tony Warren, the man who gave us Coronation Street

British televison and everything related to it, including TV Times, owes a debt to Tony Warren, the man who had the singular vision to see ordinary people want to watch televison in which their own lives are represented in a realistic and respectful way. Click the picture to see Corrie's Helen Worth pay tribute to a national hero.

2  The 11 reasons why Call The Midwife is the best show on television


…according to…

3 The Czech refugee who topped the UK charts, conquered  British TV and entertained millions with some help from two little wooden pigs…

Click here for a tribute to pioneer Vlasta Dalibor who gave the world Pinkie and Perkie.

4 Catch them while you can, Scott and Bailey are back…

… but only for a little while. Click the picture to see an "extended preview" of the forthcoming three-parter…

5 Watch Hollywood's Gerard Butler 'punch' Good Morning Britain reporter!


As if anyone would really want to punch the lovely Ross King!

6 'Sarah Lancashire is mind-blowing in the finale!'


Click Sarah for an extract from TV Times' EXCLUSIVE interview with Happy Valley writer-director Sally Wainwright

7 And finally…

///NEW VIDEO/// NEXT WEEK YOU MUST SEE…(43 secs) Click the picture to see why your cat is really a tiger, the "new Downton" (?) and can a groom stuck in the desert get to the church on time? Will you be watching one, two, all three – or none at all?

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