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Who will win The Apprentice? The fired candidates make their choices

the apprentice

Unfortunately for Richard Woods, Charleine Wain and Gary Poulton, their time on The Apprentice has come to an end after a brutal interview round and boardroom.

The final five Apprentice candidates (Boundless/BBC)Gary, Vana, Richard, Charleine and Joseph faced Lord Sugar’s trusted interviewers (Boundless/BBC)


But who better to give the inside scoop on whether Vana Koutsomitis or Joseph Valente will be walking away with a £250,000 investment and the words “You’re Hired” ringing in their ears?

Richard: “Vana”The Apprentice's Vana KoutsomitisThe Apprentice’s Vana Koutsomitis (BBC)


“She deserves it. She’s been doing a masters in business so she had time to write the perfect business plan. She’ll burn through the money with that plan, Vana. Bless her, but I’m backing her because I really like her.

“In all honesty, she was crap in task eight (the children’s party planning task), terrible, off-the-ball. She had an off task and I had to carry her through, but on the next task she was far better than anyone else in whole process in helping sell those properties. She was really on it.

“I wouldn’t have minded any of them except Charleine going through to the final.”


Charleine: “50/50″Candidates from The ApprenticeCharleine can’t pick between her two former colleagues (although April’s definitely out the running) (BBC)


“I’m 50/50. I think they’re both really credible people.

“If Lord Sugar goes with his heart, he’ll choose Joseph because his passion for what he does already is fantastic, he’s already achieved amazing things and he really wants Lord Sugar with him because he looks up to him with the utmost respect.

“If he goes with his head, he will choose Vana because she’s very intelligent and she’ll make this work and it’ll be a phenomenal turnover.”


Gary: “Joseph”The Apprentice's Joseph ValenteThe Apprentice’s Joseph Valente (BBC)


“They’re both credible candidates, but absolutely Joseph to win.

“We’re good friends. He was in the bed next to me in the house and we were in the room on our own by the end of the process. There’s a shot where he’s looking in the mirror and I’m brushing my teeth and we almost look like an advert for Attitude magazine.

“I was part of the decision-making to shave off his moustache. He didn’t just change his appearance, but he showed to Lord Sugar and the interviewers that he was ready for business.”

So there you have it, an even tie. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who’s prediction comes true.

The Apprentice final screens on Sunday, December 20 on BBC One at 9pm.

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