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The Flash Finally Reveals Who's Behind Zoom's Mask

It’s taken quite a while, but the evil speedster from Earth-2 finally revealed his true identity on last night’s excellent episode of The Flash. Spoilers!

It’s... Jay Garrick! Well, it’s a Jay Garrick. But it’s a Jay Garrick who doesn’t seem like he could be from Earth-2, because the real Earth-2 Jay Garrick has been hanging out on Earth-1 all season with our heroes, and also because this Jay Garrick—who I will call Zoom to for here on to try to keep things from being totally confusing—killed Earth-2 Jay Garrick at the very end of last week’s episode (that’s Earth-2 Jay’s body that Zoom drops to the floor).

The obvious first candidate would be the Jay Garrick of Earth-1, who we saw from afar a few weeks ago, looking for all the world like a regular guy. He was adopted and renamed Hunter Zolomon, which Flash comic fans will know is Zoom’s real name. However, it seems like Zoom has been terrorizing the inhabitants of Earth-2 for quite some time, even before Barry opened the breaches between worlds in the season one finale. If Zolomon is Zoom, how was he able to travel to Earth-2 prior to Barry? If he has Zoom’s powers, why would he start his reign of terror on Earth-2 instead of his regular dimension

One other question that is probably relevant: Who is the man in the iron mask? He knew something about Zoom’s identity, and he’s dangerous enough to Zoom that he not only has him looked up but is keeping his face hidden from his other prisoners. Is it... another Jay Garrick? Is Earth-3 involved? Your theories in the comments, please!

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