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'White Collar' will end with six-episode Season 6


USA is getting ready to close the book on "White Collar" with a shortened sixth and final season.

The final season will likely span six episodes, Deadline reports, with a deal close to being finalized. USA had been looking to wrap up the show's story with a movie or miniseries while producer Fox TV Studios was looking for a full-length season, the site says; they met in the middle with the six-episode deal.

The show's ratings took a hit in the fall when the first part of Season 5 aired, but they rebounded some in January with its last four installments. Those shows drew 2.8 million viewers and a shade under a million adults 18-49.

The decision to end the show with Season 6 is mostly about money: "White Collar" does a lot of location shooting in New York, and it's become a fairly expensive show. Fans can at least rest easy knowing there will be a resolution to the Season 5 finale cliffhanger, and presumably enough time to wrap up any other loose threads as well.



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