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Where are the Drama hits this year?

Australian drama is off to a sluggish start this year, with no breakout hit after 5 weeks of ratings.

Neither Seven, Nine, ABC or TEN has managed to hit a bull’s eye with their local dramas yet, even factoring in Timeshifted and VPM figures.

Hoges was a disappointment for Seven, at 837,000 viewers in Overnight ratings, and rising to 973,000 in 7 day Timeshifted viewing.

800 Words is now sitting at around 650,000 in Overnight numbers. Its best was 797,000 -before the official start of ratings- rising to a healthy 1.01m in Timeshifted.

House Husbands was also strongest in early February with 644,000, rising to 776,000 in Timeshifted. Last week it slipped under 600,000.

ABC’s Newton’s Law started out with 708,000, a good number for ABC, rising to 832,000 in Timeshifted. It recently fell to 455,000.

So what about our soaps?

Early in the week is best for Home and Away with 809,000 on Monday February 20 as one of its better performances -that lifted to 881,000 in Timeshifted.

Neighbours of course plays out on ELEVEN, so a direct ratings comparison would not be fair. It tends to hover between 150,00 – 170,000 but rose to around 200,000 with the return of Madeleine West.

All of these dramas also attract a VPM figure when viewed on devices, but the figure is complementary to other OzTAM data, and can’t be counted as single viewers.

By comparison 2016 dramas went as high as 1.78m for Molly -on Overnights alone.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries averaged 874,000 in metro Overnights last year, lifting to 1.09m in 7 day Timeshifting, and 1.15m in 28 Days -not enough to save it from ABC’s axe.

So what do we have to look forward to next?

So far only Seven Types of Ambiguity, The Warriors and Wentworth have confirmed airdates.

Fingers crossed one of those draws a big crowd and a bit of buzz.

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