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What's On TV Tonight?? 11/29/15

What to watch on Sunday, November 29...

8pm, BET
The 2015 Soul Train Awards
Erykah Badu hosts the festivities from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Scheduled performers include R. Kelly, Tyrese, Legend Award recipient Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, and Lady of Soul Award recipient Jill Scott.

8pm, TNT
The Librarians
Baird helps an old friend whose mayoral campaign is hampered by a disappeared intern and an evil accord in “And the Infernal Contract.” Can the Librarians break the demonic covenant before it gets its clause into them as well?

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
A Camelot flashback in “Broken Heart” sees Hook going Dark—and gunning for Rumplestiltskin. His quest for retribution has ramifications in present-day Storybrooke, forcing Hook and Emma both to face a crucial test.

8pm, Starz
Flesh and Bone
Claire delves deeper into the strip club milieu even as she tries to boot Bryan from the Big Apple in “Boogie Dark.”

8:30pm, CBS
Madam Secretary
As Elizabeth gets ready to deliver a broadside against Russia at the U.N. in “Russian Roulette,” Henry reveals new information that has her rethinking her theory.

The Walking Dead
In “Start to Finish,” all the troubles in Alexandria come to a head. That head is subsequently blasted with a shotgun, separated from its body, booted like a kickball triple, and devoured by zombies.

9pm, HBO
The Leftovers
“Ten Thirteen” sheds light on Meg’s path to the Guilty Remnant following a devastating loss. Meanwhile, Tom hopes to reunite with her after falling out with Laurie.

9pm, Showtime
The CIA and BND make a play in “The Litvinov Ruse.” I’ll guess it’s The King and I.

9pm, PBS
A Salute to Downton Abbey
Hugh Bonneville hosts this recap of the drama’s first five seasons, including remarks from the cast and creators.

9:30pm, CBS
The Good Wife
Alica and Lucca team up with Louis Canning to defend a website accused of racial profiling in “Discovery.” On the political front, Eli and Ruth join half my Twitter feed in growing veryconcerned about Alicia and Jason’s relationship.

10pm, ABC
The NATS are trained by an ex-agent and profiler who tests them with a serial killer case in which one of the victims is not like the other. You see, one of the victims just doesn’t belong. Yes, one of the victims is not like the other and I’ve gone full Sesame Street here haven’t I, that doesn’t seem appropriate. In the future in “Guilty,” Alex stands up to an FBI grilling while Ryan’s life hangs in the balance.

10pm, AMC
Into the Badlands
M.K. proves to be a difficult student as his training with Sunny commences in “White Stork Spreads Wings.” In an even stickier wicket is Quinn, who pays the price for seeking vengeance against The Widow.

10pm, Showtime
The Affair
Alison endures an epic journey on her own, while Helen finds herself with not entirely welcome company. Elsewhere, Cole faces a barrage of challenges and Noah faces the music.

10:05pm, HBO
Getting On
“Am I Still Me?” finds DiDi caught between a familial rock and a professional hard place. Elsewhere, Dr. James and Dawn greet two visitors from across the pond, Dr. Pippa Moore and Sister Den Flixter, who seem awfully familiar—almost like British versions of themselves. Small world, right?



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