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What's on TV?? (Sunday 11/22/15)

What to watch on Sunday, November 22...


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar
In the latest sequel to The Lion King (and the setup to a new series planned for next year), Simba and Nala’s second-born cub Kion takes the reins of an elite unite to defend the Pridelands.

8pm, ABC
The 2015 American Music Awards
Jennifer Lopez hosts and performs at the 43rd annual awards celebration, whose winners are determined by fan voting. Also slated to perform from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater are Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, and more.

8pm, CBS
Madam Secretary
Amid simmering tensions with Russia, Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. devise a cunning plan to oust Craig Sterling while keeping President Dalton’s hands clean. Elsewhere in “Lights Out,” Director of National Intelligence Ephraim Ware pinpoints the Air Force One hacker.

8pm, TNT
The Librarians
In “And the Hollow Men,” Flynn is abducted by an amnesiac stranger who possesses the Library’s missing artifacts—even the pop machine that mysteriously disappeared from the break room the other day.

8pm, Starz
Flesh and Bone
The company presses on through rough financial waters in “Reconnaissance,” thanks in part to inspiring new choreographer Toni. Elsewhere, Claire inquires about the strip club and Bryan touches down in the Big Apple.

8pm, Fox
The Simpsons
After Laney Fontaine takes Homer to the cleaners at the poker table, he must loan the Broadway star his eldest daughter for a month in “Lisa With an ‘S’.” But when the brainiest Simpson morphs into a showbiz kid, Marge and Homer head to the Great White Way to bring her home.

8:30pm, Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
While Terry and Rosa investigate the Douglass Street murders, Terry’s wife Sharon goes into early labor at the precinct. Meanwhile in “Ava,” internet troubles force Amy and Charles to process paperwork the old-fashioned way, and Holt must confront his ex-boyfriend (Nick Offerman).

MINISERIES PREMIERE, 9pm, National Geographic
Saints & Strangers
Vincent Kartheiser and Anna Camp star in this two-part dramatization of the Mayflower’s fateful voyage, the first Thanksgiving celebration in the New World, and the first Black Friday sale at Goodwife Margaret's Looms-a-Plenty. The conclusion airs Monday, November 23, at 9pm.

Indian Summers
A bombshell is dropped on Madeleine, Ralph decides Ramu’s fate, Aafrin and Alice make a tough choice, and Simla gets ready to greet a local bigwig as the summer season draws to a close.

9pm, CBS
The Good Wife
To retain a key client, Diane must argue an abortion case that tests her personal values in “Restraint.” Alicia and Lucca are more concerned with getting new clients—even if that means poaching Louis Canning’s.

9pm, AMC
The Walking Dead
Peace and normalcy begin to return to Alexandria in “Heads Up,” just long enough to trick you into thinking it might be okay to eat during this episode.

9pm, Showtime
Carrie needs Allison’s aid in “All About Allison,” a title that doesn’t seem accurate because there’s also an evidently unrelated plot about Quinn making a change. Don’t try and pull a fast one on us with your episode titles, Homeland.

9pm, HBO
The Leftovers
Not letting last week's apparent, um, setback stop him from checking items off his to-do list, Kevin vows to defeat Patti in “International Assassin,” even if his victory proves a Pyrrhic one.

9pm, Fox
Family Guy
After Peter overhears Quagmire confessing his love for Lois in “Hot Pocket-Dial,” it’s up to Brian to fix the ensuing turmoil and restore the status quo in accordance with Sitcom Law.

9:30pm, Fox
The Last Man on Earth
In “No Bull,” the other Phil finds himself on the outs with the group, which at this point might be considering a formal “Phils Not Allowed” policy.

10pm, Comedy Central
Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation
In a standup set at Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Theatre, the comedian and Daily Show host tackles terrorism, racial tensions, and his experience as an African entering the U.S. during the ebola crisis.

10pm, AMC
Into the Badlands
As M.K. seeks unlikely refuge in a perilous place, Sunny finds his loyalty tested by a heinous order from Quinn in “Fist Like a Bullet.”

10pm, Showtime
The Affair
Whitney’s plans flummox Helen, who in turn makes a confession that stuns Noah, who himself battles the temptations that accompany rising fame.

10pm, E!
The Royals
A revenge-minded Prince Liam jeopardizes the monarchy’s future while a romance-minded Princess Eleanor reconnects with a lover from her past in “Welcome is Fashion and Ceremony.”

10:05pm, HBO
Getting On
Dr. James is wrongfooted by workplace politics, Patsy makes an odd request of Dawn when his mother visits, and DiDi’s mother-in-law seeks treatment from Billy Barnes in “No, I Don’t Want a F. Smiley Face.” Meanwhile, the staff has their hands full with an escape-prone cancer patient.

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