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What's on TV? (Sunday 11/1/15)

What to watch on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST


The Librarians
“And the Drowned Book” reunites the team to investigate a foreboding storm over Manhattan. Then in “And the Broken Staff,” the Librarians battle Prospero, Frankenstein’s monster, Prof. Moriarty, and other CRITTERary baddies.

8pm, PBS
Home Fires
Steph scores a win as Theresa absorbs bad news and Spencer faces the town’s opprobrium. ElseSCARE, Laura must make a tough decision.

8pm, ABC
Once Upon a Time
Merida leads Belle on a dangerous quest in “The Bear and the Bow,” capped off with a lesson in bravery for all the little BOILS and GHOULS in the audience. But will Emma’s diabolical scheme put a damper on the young archer’s adventure? In Storybrooke, Regina, Mary Margaret, and David unearth the spell that could establish communication with Merlin, even as Arthur’s behavior continues to raise red flags.

8pm, CBS
Madam Secretary
Elizabeth and President Dalton are unnerved by the power HACKuum in Moscow following President Ostrov’s death. Meanwhile in “The Long Shot,” Cybersecurity Coordinator Oliver Shaw must figure out how Air Force One’s communication system was hacked. (No, I know I used that one in the first sentence, but this time it’s the actual word, not a spooky pun.)

9pm, CBS
The Good Wife
Jason pulls no punches while assisting Alicia and Lucca with a student loan case in “Payback.” Elsewhere, Howard Lyman accuses Cary and the firm of ageism, and Eli stokes Florrick family drama on the camPAIN trail.

9pm, AMC
The Walking Dead
“Here’s Not Here” introduces a new face and a new setting, but little else is revealed in the episode’s CRYPTic logline.

9pm, Showtime
As Quinn covers for Carrie in “Better Call Saul,” Dar and Allison take SHOCK of the damage.

9pm, PBS
Indian Summers
After saving Alice’s bacon, a mountaineer insinuates himself into her life with untoward motives. Meanwhile, Ramu is livid when his most prized possession goes missing, Ralph endures growing pressure, and Dougie and Sarah work to CREEPair their marriage.

9pm, HBO
The Leftovers
In “No Room at the Inn,” Matt and Mary leave Miracle in hopes of FIENDing out more about her condition. But their woes are compounded when the town refuses to let them back in, forcing them to deal with the unruly rabble outside the gates.

Project Greenlight
Filming wraps in “Hug and Release,” and Ben suggests Jason screen his director’s cut for a test audience. But can he incorporate the feedback and make edits in time for the swanky red-carpet SCREAMiere?

10pm, ABC
The NATs work toward their surveillance merit badges with Miranda and her troubled son as their subject. Elsewhere in “God,” Shelby steers clear of Caleb while Raina leans in toward Simon, and Alex gets hacks an FBI computer in the BOOture.

10pm, Showtime
The Affair
Alison is incensed by a disCOVENry about Noah, and troubled by her Hudson Valley hosts’ attitude shift. Meanwhile, Cole nixes Scotty’s moneymaking scheme, and Scotty catches Cole in a sticky situation.

Midnight, Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken
Among the WRETCHES in “Ants on a Hamburger,” the Fonz crosses a line, the girl from The Ringgets a lesson in contemporary technology, and the Nerd stumbles into the world of the CW.

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 12:15am, Cartoon Network
Mike Tyson Mysteries
“What’s That Gnoise?” sees the gang HELLping a soccer mom get to the bottom of the strange sound in her minivan.

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