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What's on TV Saturday!! 9/5/15

What to watch on Saturday, September 5...

8pm, Hallmark
Cedar Cove
Will wears out his welcome at Olivia’s, Paul dips his toe back in the dating pool, and Luke shares something with Justine. Elsewhere in “The Good Fight,” Jeri is irate to learn that her job was offered to Jack.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot patrol the universe in Marvel's latest animated series, which previews tonight before its official debut on September 26. "Road to Knowhere" launches the interstellar adventures with the Guardians obtaining a dangerous artifact and tangling with Thanos's newest chief flunky.

9pm, Discovery
“Star Wars—The Myths Strike Back” finds Jamie and Adam testing the science of the titular long-ago-and-far-away galaxy, including whether it really is that easy to avoid a Stormtrooper’s shot.

9pm, Starz
Blunt Talk
Walter is ordered to attend AA meetings in “All My Relationships End in Pain.” In less court-mandated affairs, the staff find unusual ways to pass the weekend.

9:30pm, Starz
Survivor’s Remorse
Cassie leaps back into the dating pool in “M.V.P.,” setting up a clash with Cam. Meanwhile, Reggie meets the brains behind Flaherty’s fortune.

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