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What’s going on with Kush and Denise?

Denise arranges a community meeting but it gets off to a bad start, much to Denise’s frustration. After leaving the residents on their own for a bit, Denise is pleased when she returns to discover that they’ve come up with a idea to bring together the locals. At the end of the meeting, Kush takes Denise for a drink, where the heat between them continues to rise…

Lauren feels beaten down when she’s forced to spend yet another night in with the Beales. Making an excuse to visit Whitney, Lauren is under pressure to be honest when Whitney wants to know what’s going on. After Whitney shares some home truths, things get fraught between the friends. Can Whitney get through to Lauren?

Preston attempts to arrange some romantic time with Michelle, convincing her to leave Dennis home alone. Michelle, however, feels under pressure. Will their evening go to plan?

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