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What to Watch Tonight: You're the Worst, Empire, Supernatural, Kingdom, and Nashville

What to watch on Wednesday, October 21...

8pm, The CW
What better way for Ollie and Diggle to work through their issues in “Restoration” than by teaming up to take on Darhk and H.I.V.E.’s latest metahuman flunky, Double Down? In other entirely sound plans, Laurel persuades Thea to jaunt over to Nanda Parbat so she can ask Malcolm to dunk Sara in the Lazarus Pit.

8pm, ABC
The Middle
Brick pays Sue a visit at college in “Land of the Lost,” but goes missing when she once more falls under the dreamy sway of Abercrombie Dude. Elsewhere, Frankie enlists Rev. TimTom’s help getting through to an even more laconic than usual Mike, while Axl and Hutch take their ant problem all the way to City Hall.

8:30pm, ABC
The Goldbergs
In “Boy Barry,” Lainey asks Erica to help Barry overcome some of his relationship insecurities, and long story short he winds up at school dressed like Boy George. In other plans gone awry, Beverly shaves off Murray’s new mustache, but the forcible grooming backfires.

9pm, DirecTV
Alvey tries to rein in Ryan’s recklessness in “Simulations,” while Lisa introducers her newest fighter, Alicia. Meanwhile, Nate prepares to return to the cage and Jay is taken with a photographer he meets.

9pm, Fox
Cookie, Anika, and Laz organize a company launch blowout, with Hakeem as the headliner. (Also, balloon animals for the kids!) Elsewhere in “Be True,” Jamal collaborates with Ne-Yo, Andre tries to unburden his conscience, and Cupid’s arrow strikes Hakeem and the lead singer of his girl group.

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
In “Maternal Instincts,” a famous violinist is raped by her colleague, who has no recollection of the crime and claims to have been drugged and robbed himself. The investigation eventually embroils Rollins’ sister Kim, which will really put a damper on the family fun the detective’s mom had planned at her baby shower.

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
Gloria is tickled to take part in jury duty in “The Verdict,” but that leaves an unhappy Jay helping out at Joe’s preschool solo. Elsewhere, Claire hits some roadblocks during Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, Phil leads Luke and Manny’s class on a community service project, and Mitch and Cam argue over a party guest list.

9pm, The CW
Sam and Dean search for a missing baby with ties to the Darkness in “The Bad Seed,” while Crowley cooks up ways to profit from the Big Bad du Jour. And as Rowena solidifies her anti-Winchester defenses, Cas has trouble patching himself up.

9:30pm, Disney XD
Star Wars Rebels
Ezra and the gang combine forces with Captain Rex and his colleagues in “Relics of the Old Republic.” Their mission: stop Agent Kallus’s planned attack, and head out for some team-building fro-yo. Not necessarily in that order.

9:30pm, ABC
An unexpectedly enjoyable church visit spurs Dre and Bow to begin saying “yes” to more opportunities in “Churched.” (So if you’re trying to move some timeshares, this would be a great time to knock on the Johnsons’ door.) In other free-spirited pursuits, Jack and Diane throw caution to the wind after learning they were never baptized.

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
Randy’s Whole Foods outings are disturbed by recurring confrontations in “Safe Space.”

10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Hotel
Scarlett conjures memories of Holden, pushing Alex over the brink. Meanwhile in “Mommy,” a rival of the Countess sets her sights on Donovan.

10pm, ABC
“Stop the World (And Let Me Off)” finds Rayna wrangling her artists while Maddie and Colt experience a new level of freedom on Luke’s tour. Elsewhere, Deacon and Scarlett shelve their disputes and head to Natchez, MS.

10pm, NBC
Chicago P.D.
An ex-con is exacting revenge against cops in “Debts of the Past,” and his hit list includes Voight and Olinsky. In less lethal assignments, Burgess and Roman delve into the world of high society to probe a dognapping.

10pm, FXX
The League
This week in What’s Making Kevin Insecure: Pete’s new referee buddy. Meanwhile in “Trophy Kevin,” Andre turns the EBDBBnB towards agricultural uses, and Taco gets his hands on a drone.

10:30pm, FXX
You’re the Worst
The gang matches wits with the mouse in Jimmy’s house in “There Is Not Currently a Problem,” while Gretchen opens up to Jimmy about recent events.
– Elvis Costello and Nathan Fielder on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Brie Larson on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Terry Crews and Ryan Duffy on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Michael J. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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