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What to Watch Tonight: The Season Finales of Teen Wolf, Devious Maids, and Murder in the First, and the Premiere of Switched at Birth

What to watch on Monday, August 24...

Switched at Birth
Bay tries to pick up the pieces after her breakup with Emmett in “To Repel Ghosts,” while Daphne’s friends are less than thrilled about her new relationship with Mingo (possibly because of an aversion to their obvious couple name, “Dingo”). In matters not of the heart, John and Kathryn receive bad financial tidings, and Regina seeks to learn more about Eric’s ex.

8:30pm, Disney XD
Gravity Falls
Stan Pines is a known cheat, huckster, and charlatan, so it’s only natural that sooner or later he’d try his hand at politics. [Rim shot!] That’s just what happens in “The Stanchurian Candidate,” as Dipper and Mabel help their grunkle mount a mayoral campaign.

9pm, Disney XD
LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales
In “Crisis on Coruscant,” C-3PO and Ackbar’s hot pursuit of a ship-stealing, droid-napping brigand leads them to the bustling ecumenopolis. Hat tip to Wookieepedia for teaching me the word “ecumenopolis.”

SEASON 3 FINALE, 9pm, Lifetime
Devious Maids
“Anatomy of a Murder” wraps the season with the ladies risking their lives to bring a killer to justice. Unless the whole thing has been an elaborate hoax to advertise Crazy Larry’s Pre-Owned Honda Dealership, where you’ll always find killer savings!

9pm, ABC Family
Chasing Life
April reels from her devastating loss in “The Ghost in You,” but Leo still finds a way to provide much-needed moral support. Meanwhile, Finn drops some wisdom on Brenna.

9pm, The CW
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
No guest star this week, unless you count the life-size cardboard cutout of Ian Somerhalder that guest comic Brad Sherwood brought along for… reasons.

9:30pm, The CW
Significant Mother
While preparing for an interview with a high-profile food blogger, Nate accidentally noshes on Jimmy and Lydia’s pot-laced gummy bears in “Edible Wrecks.” In my professional opinion, the rest of the gang will need to deploy some good old-fashioned sitcom hijinks to get him out of thisone.

Murder in the First
Terry and Hildy race to nab a murder suspect in “Number Thirty Nine.” In my professional opinion, sitcom hijinks may do more harm than good in this situation. Elsewhere, Fatty B encourages Potrero to change course, and a verdict is reached in the Dustin Maker trial.

Teen Wolf
“Status Asthmaticus” pits Scott and the wolves against their most sinister threat yet: a really, really big vacuum cleaner.

10pm, ABC
The Whispers
Nobody knows which of the children Drill has seized control of in “Traveller in the Dark,” making for the most morbid game of three-card monte any of them has ever played.

10pm, NBC
Running Wild With Bear Grylls
James Marsden and Bear do some rappelling in Utah’s Rattlesnake Canyon, before a hearty dinner of chuckwalla lizard. Hopefully the screen Cyclops packed his ruby-quartz visor, because it sounds like a few optic blasts could really come in handy there.

10pm, PBS
Point and Shoot profiles Matt VanDyke, who documented his adventures riding a motorcycle across the Middle East and North Africa, fighting Muammar Gaddafi’s regime alongside Libyan rebels, and surviving months of harsh imprisonment. But hey, I just tweeted about a podcast I enjoy, so I can totally relate to this guy.
– Jeff Goldblum, Jerrod Carmichael, and Marina Franklin on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Bob Odenkirk, Patricia Clarkson, and Tobias Jesso Jr.on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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