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What to Watch Tonight: The Season Finales of So You Think You Can Dance, Bachelor in Paradise, and Running Wild With Bear Grylls

What to watch on Monday, September 7...


SEASON 12 FINALE, Part 1, 8pm, Fox
So You Think You Can Dance
The top four hoofers compete in the first half of the season finale, because dancers let no American holiday weekend stay them from their appointed rounds.

Bachelor in Paradise
A breakup flabbergasts the cast, making them doubt whether their own relationships are truly built on the kind of rock-solid foundation one would normally expect from reality TV dating. Perhaps embarking on their last fantasy suite dates will help them sort that out.

8pm, ABC Family
Switched at Birth
In “Between Hope & Faith,” a visit to L.A. leaves Travis dismayed by Emmett’s new attitude, which hopefully doesn’t mean he’s gone the full Entourage. Back in K.C., Regina is reticent when Eric invites her to move in, and an over-stressed John lashes out at Toby.

8pm, Disney XD
LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales
Still on the trail of the abducted R2-D2, C-3PO recounts the events of A New Hope in “Mission to Mos Eisley.” Strangely, some of the older members of his audience keep grumbling that he should’ve started there and ignored all that stuff that happened before.

8:30pm, Disney XD
Gravity Falls
When a new threat looms in “The Last Mabelcorn,” Mabel must brave the unicorn realm to overcome it. Back in the less unicorny-world, Dipper uncovers new information about Bill Cipher.

9pm, ABC Family
Chasing Life
What better way to ride out a winter storm than with a family game night? And what better way to turn a family game night into a tense emotional quagmire than by prying into George’s private affairs? That appears to be April’s logic in “A Bottle of Secrets.”

9pm, MTV
Jenna triggers an accident at school in “Short Circuit Party,” and it’s good to see from that title that the tradition of teenagers gathering to enjoy the zany exploits of Johnny 5 is alive and well. Meanwhile, Matt faces the music after his scuffle with Jake.

9:30pm, MTV
Faking It
“The Revengers: Age of the Monocle” finds Shane and Amy helping Lauren get back at Theo. In presumably less vengeful teamwork, Karma and Reagan must put their heads together.

Studio C
The sketch comedy show returns for another season of people actually catching its clips on YouTube because nobody has/can find BYUtv on their cable system.

Running Wild With Bear Grylls
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees accompanies Bear into a Panamanian jungle, where they hobnob with some bats and a crocodile. Which is probably still less dangerous than playing professional football, come to think of it.

After the Late Night Hosts’ Labor Day BBQ and Fudgesicle Fest ‘15, nobody’s in any condition to tape a talk show. You don’t want to see Chris Hemsworth interviewed by someone who’s hopped up on pulled pork and fudgesicles, do you? Oh you do? Well, I still can’t help you.

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