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What to Watch Tonight: The Season 2 Premieres of Kingdom and Star Wars Rebels, and the Finale of Young & Hungry

What to watch on Wednesday, October 14...

SEASON 2 FINALE, 8pm & 8:30pm, ABC Family
Young & Hungry
The two-part “Young & Younger Brother” caps the season with Elliot and Alan’s wedding, and what would a sitcom wedding be without some classic lost-ring hijinks? On the romantic front, Gabi strikes up a rapport with Josh’s visiting sibling, sparking renewed feelings in the elder Kaminski.

8pm, The CW
Green Arrow and Speedy defend an old friend of the Queen family (Jeri Ryan) when she decides to run for mayor of Star City, a job that’s even more hazardous to one’s health than being the drummer for Spinal Tap. Elsewhere in “The Candidate,” Felicity consults one of her more terrific employees, Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), for help with a business conundrum.

8pm, ABC
The Middle
Unsurprisingly, Rusty drops in with another zany moneymaking scheme in “Risky Business.” Very surprisingly, Mike is completely on board with it. In more vehicle-centric developments, Axl is determined to prove he can handle his dad’s new motorcycle while Sue begins living in her car to avoid her unpleasant roomie.

8:30pm, ABC
The Goldbergs
A self-conscious Adam cooks up a cunning plan to get out of swimming in gym class, and the title “I Caddyshacked the Pool” may hint at what it is. On dry land, Erica creates a new school club but immediately regrets it when Barry signs up.

“New Money” finds Ryan battling a malady on the day of his title defense, while Jay’s opponent lays out a surprising challenge. Meanwhile, Lisa recruits a new fighter and Alvey opens a new gym.

9pm, Fox
Though at loggerheads, the Lyons come together to produce a music video that will capitalize on the momentum of Hakeem’s leaked album. Less collaborative efforts in “Poor Yorick” include Lucious deciding to take Vernon off the table, one way or another.

9pm, PBS
“Cyberwar Threat” examines the risks of electronic warfare, which could jeopardize financial systems, power grids, and Netflix-and-chill nights the world over.

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
“Community Policing” finds racial tensions high throughout the city after officers shoot an unarmed black man while pursuing a rape suspect.

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
Claire is nervous about pitching her best closet-related brainstorms to Jay and his creative team in “She Crazy.” Meanwhile, Gloria and Manny help out with one another’s crushes, Cam takes too keen a shine to the frat guys boarding upstairs, and Phil builds a habitat for the duck eggs, complete with tiny red, blue, and green caps for the future hatchlings.

9pm, The CW
Dean helps his new nurse friend Jenna get home safely in “Form and Void,” and if you think she actually will get home safely I have some oceanside property in Crowley’s domain to sell you. As for the other Winchester, he’s got his hands full trying to rescue a town from a monster-ifying gas.

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 9:30pm, Disney XD
Star Wars Rebels
In “The Lost Commanders,” Ahsoka dispatches the crew to find a war hero and bring him over to the cause. But when it turns out said war hero is Captain Rex, trust issues knock everyone for a loop.

9:30pm, ABC
Bummed that Father’s Day gets overshadowed by other summertime celebrations, Dre and his colleagues event a new holiday in “Daddy’s Day.” Later, Dre strikes up a bond with a fatherless friend of Zoey’s, and Junior tries to help Bow around the house but becomes kind of a chore himself.

The Brain with Dr. David Eagleman
“What Is Reality?” kicks off this six-part series that goes deep into the gray matter to examine why humans think, feel, and behave the way they do. Um, I mean, the way we do. Ha ha, we of course. Proud human here. Definitely not an alien. Whoever told you that was lying, the liar.

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
The always tactful and considerate Cartman gets into the online restaurant review game in "You're Not Yelping."

10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Hotel
A fashion mogul brings haute couture to the Hotel Cortez in “Chutes and Ladders,” while the Countess is taken with a model and John digs into the grisly backstory of the hotel’s first owner.

10pm, ABC
Rayna struggles to keep the demanding Marcus happy, while an increasingly chemically addled Juliette just plain struggles. Meanwhile in “The Slender Threads That Blind Us Here,” Layla and Jeff have a spat, and Zoey keeps tabs on Scarlett.

10pm, NBC
Chicago P.D.
A man desperate to locate his missing daughter takes a member of the team hostage in “Actual Physical Violence.” Elsewhere, Commander Fischer tells Voight that Bunny has leveled some fresh accusations against him, and the discovery of Olinksy’s secret floors Antonio.

10pm, FXX
The League
In “The Beer Mile,” Taco preps Pete for the titular competition. Meanwhile, Jenny squares off against Andre and Meegan, and Kevin is determined to learn where the gardener poops, so a proud day all-around for the MacArthur home.

10:30pm, FXX
You’re the Worst
Upon realizing that she doesn’t know how to live on her own, Lindsay takes a downward turn in “Side B.” In matters of the heart, Jimmy suspects Gretchen of cheating while Edgar takes Dorothy out on a date.

– Tom Hiddleston on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Roger Stone and Gabrielle Union on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Vin Diesel and Selena Gomez on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Jack Black, Go Pro CEO Nick Woodman, and tap dancer Michelle Dorrance on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 11:35pm, CBS
– Nathan Fillion, Jalen Rose, and Father John Misty on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Kate Winslet, Mia Wasikowska, and Chris Matthews on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35am, NBC
– Colin Hanks, Juliette Lewis, Matthew Fox, and Echosmith on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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