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What to Watch Tonight: The Season 1 Finale of Mr. Robot, and New Episodes of the Jim Gaffigan Show, and Key & Peele

What to watch on Wednesday, September 2...

8pm, Fox
After the top five compete in a mystery box challenge, the winner selects the ingredient baskets the other four will use in the elimination round. Lending a hand with that selection process: three former MasterChef victors.

8pm, ABC Family
Young & Hungry
In “Young & Unemployed,” Sofia kindly requests her employers both a) take her job and b) shove it. So Gabi tries to get her a gig as Josh’s intern—and then stages an elaborate charade to keep her from learning that he said no.

8:30pm, ABC Family
Kevin From Work
Fed up with Kevin’s new house rules, Roxie decamps for Patti and Audrey’s place in “Roommates From Work.” Also sparking sibling tension is Roxie’s possible romance with her costar Roger, which irks her big brother to no end.

9pm & 9:30pm, NBC
The Carmichael Show
Jerrod prods his parents to adopt healthier lifestyles in “Kale,” setting off a debate about aging, death, and the future of the family. Then in “Gender,” Jerrod mentors a teen who divulges a secret about his sexuality, while Bobby receives divorce papers.

9pm, CBS
Molly, JD, and Ethan search for a former colleague of John’s, hoping that he can help end the Humanich threat and also that he has a bathroom they can use because they’ve been searching for a really long time. Elsewhere in “Zugzwang,” Julie tasks Charlie with locating the source of Lucy’s orders.

Mr. Robot
One of Elliot’s old hacks comes back to bite him in the rump, as “eps1.9_zer0-day.avi” marks the last time I’ll have to type out one of these weird-ass titles until next summer. But Mr. Robot and Tyrell are conspicuously absent from the season-concluding adventures... OR ARE THEY?! No, really, I'm asking. I have no idea

10pm, Comedy Central
Key & Peele
Sketches in “The 420 Special” find Neil deGrasse Tyson unwinding at home, a telemarketer testing a new approach, a tailor attending to a flatulent client, and the valets focusing their enthusiasm on Game of Thrones.

10pm, TV Land
The Jim Gaffigan Show
A Time Out New York cover story praises Jim’s parenting in “Superdad,” but Jeannie feels understandably slighted that the article omitted her entirely. And while we’re on the subject, she’d also like to have a discussion about the title of the sitcom she lives in.

10:30pm, TV Land
Buddy’s goose may be cooked when a new family comes to town in “Bingo Tell it on the Mountain.” (Only his metaphorical goose though, which still leaves him the question of what to do for dinner.) In the meantime, he helps Dora combat her unusual addiction, while Schmidt and Ashlee have a rendezvous.

11pm, TV Land
The Exes
A girls’ night out goes awry when Holly and Nicki wind up competing for the same guy in “Gone Girls.” In other romantic travails, the stress of dating a celebrity takes its toll on Phil.
– Justin Bieber and Salman Rushdie on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Amanada Peet, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Chris Young on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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