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What to Watch Tonight: The Flash and Arrow Crossover, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Season 2 Premiere of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

What to watch on Tuesday, December 1...

SERIES PREMIERE, 12:01am, Netflix
Real Rob
Rob Schneider stars in, directs, and produces this eight-episode comedy based loosely on his real life. Y’know, like Louie if Louie was from a guy who peaked with a recurring sketch character that spouted dumb names in 1991.

12:01am, Hulu
The Mindy Project
Mindy is eager to see her first patient at her new fertility clinic in “The Parent Trap.” But at home, she suspects that Danny is more concerned about her own fertility.

8pm, CBS
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The 1964 Rankin/Bass special enters its second half-century on American airwaves. I hate to be a party pooper, but if Hermey the Elf doesn’t have that D.D.S. by now, it might just never happen for the poor kid.

8pm, The CW
The Flash
“Legends of Today” kicks off the season’s first Flash/Arrow crossover, and the setup for January’s spinoff series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. After supervillain Vandal Savage attacks Kendra and Cisco, Barry takes the future Hawkgirl to Star City to hide out with Oliver… but their plans are interrupted by the arrival of another winged warrior. Meanwhile, Harrison conjures a serum to boost Barry’s speed and asks Jay to be his guinea pig.

8pm, Fox
In “Jimmy & Son,” Jimmy hires Gerald as the restaurant’s new host and schools him in the ways of hospitality. Meanwhile, Vanessa gives Sara a different kind of counsel when she wants to take some risque pics for Bruce.

8pm, ABC
The Muppets
Gonzo gets ready for his next spectacular stunt in “Going, Going, Gonzo.” On the guest-star front, Joseph Gordon-Levitt duets with Miss Piggy and antes up with Scooter, Pepe, and the gang at poker night, while Dave Grohl challenges Animal to see who’s the fiercer percussionist.

8:30pm, ABC
Fresh Off the Boat
A disagreement over their investment property sparks tension between Jessica and Honey in “We Done Son.” Elsewhere, Louis’s visiting friend Barry (J.B. Smoove) proves the old adage about houseguests and fish, and Eddie takes a part-time job at DMX.

8:30pm, Fox
The Grinder
Dean is asked to film a scene for the spinoff series The Grinder: New Orleans, but can he get over the sting of being usurped by his TV brother Rake? Meanwhile in “Grinder Rests in Peace,” Stewart feels like his real-life brother has upstaged him in Ethan’s mind.

9pm, HBO
Vice Special Report: Countdown to Zero
An examination of HIV/AIDS research, including the advances in medication that have made the disease more manageable over the last two decades, and the prospects for developing a cure in the near future.

9pm, ABC
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Ward’s retribution rocks the team in “Closure,” prompting an extreme response from Coulson. Mind you, it’s not an “X-treme” response, because that would involve enlisting a particular set of Marvel characters to whom this show does not own the televisual rights.

9pm, WGN America
Charlie seeks help from an unlikely source as the project hits a stumbling block in “Human Error.” Not, like, Carrot Top unlikely, but still, pretty unlikely. Then again, I don’t see where it specifically says it’s not Carrot Top, so keep hope alive?

9pm, NBC
Chicago Med
Dr. Rhodes must confront his past when he’s reunited with his sister while treating a family friend who’s been impaled by glass. (Though honestly, it doesn’t sound like he’s the person in that storyline having the roughest go of it.) Elsewhere in “Fallback,” Dr. Manning treats a young musician who needs surgery that could save her life but shatter her hearing.

9pm, Fox
Scream Queens
“Black Friday” sends the Chanels on a shopping spree—but the Red Devil has a different kind of spree in mind. (You… you can figure out what kind, right? There are only like three kinds of sprees, anyway. Yeah, you’ve got this.) In plans not requiring retail therapy, Denise gets a new job, someone confesses to murder, and the Kappas plot to foil their chief suspect: Dean Munsch.

9:02pm, The CW
In “The Hurt Stalker,” Clive gets a shock when he discovers the victim in his latest murder investigation was a former flame. And another shock when he discovers said victim had been stalking him. And oh heck, let’s just make it a shock trifecta: He’s now the number one suspect. That spurs Liv and Ravi to do some undercover investigating as an engaged couple, while Major tries to fend off a Liv running on stalker brains.

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 10pm, Bravo
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
Abby takes a gig at an online magazine, where she immediately clashes with a rival editor (Retta) as “Rule #58: Avoid the Douchemobile” kicks off the sophomore season. On the romantic front, Abby chooses between Will and Jake.

10pm, NBC
Chicago Fire
Boden suspects Maddox is pulling the strings on Serena’s accusations, even as Patterson questions his fitness for his job and Severide intervenes with Maddox’s attorney on the chief’s behalf. Meanwhile in “When Tortoises Fly,” Brett and Chili find an unconscious man in a garden who may have ties to a previous call.

10pm, BET
Being Mary Jane
Sitting in on a journalism lecture exposes Mary Jane to some stinging critiques of her show in “Wake Up Call.” In other rude awakenings, a family intervention disrupts Patrick’s seemingly smooth sailing.

– Tom Jones and Oliver Hudson on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Chris Brown on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Pete Wentz on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Harrison Ford, Seth MacFarlane, and JoJo on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Olivia Wilde, Bono, Scarlett Johansson, & Matt Damon and The Killers on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Krysten Ritter, Ted Danson, and The Chainsmokers on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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