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What to Watch Tonight: The Finales of UnReal, Odd Mom Out, and The Making of the Mob: New York, and the Debut of The CW's Significant Mother


What to watch on Monday, August 3...

Bachelor in Paradise
Clare gets a date card, which I assume means that after she goes out with 10 lunkheads the 11th lunkhead is free. Also, Ashley S. gets a date card, which I assume means I need to come up with a second joke about date cards. Anyway, the whole thing is followed at 9pm by After Paradise, in which the cast and celebrity fans (I’m dubious about both halves of that phrase) rap about the episode.

8pm, ABC Family
The Fosters
A surprise visit from Rita’s daughter leads Callie to see the mentor in a new light. Elsewhere in “Daughters,” Stef finds a new lead in the hit-and-run, and Brandon speaks with Stef and Lena about the tension at Chez Foster.

8:30pm, Disney XD
Gravity Falls
In “Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons,” the titular tabletop game casts a spell over Dipper and an unlikely comrade. A metaphorical spell, I should clarify. Well, maybe a literal one too. Can’t really rule that out on this show.

9pm, Disney XD
Wander Over Yonder
“The Greater Hater” kicks off a four-part story arc with Lord Dominator’s arrival imperiling the galaxy, and shaking Wander’s world view.

Toe Tag Parole: To Live and Die on Yard A
This documentary from Oscar-winning filmmakers Alan and Susan Raymond examines an experimental program at a California prison, which seeks to foster a safer, more harmonious environment for prisoners serving life sentences.

9pm, TNT
Major Crimes
In “Wish You Were Here,” the team investigates an online video of a bloody, half-naked, gun-toting man. Although the next video in the autoplay queue shows an otter playing with a potbellied pig, so maybe they’ll just stick around to watch that first. Offline, Rusty seeks Sharon’s help after locating Alice Herrera’s brother.

9pm, Lifetime
Devious Maids
Marisol is suspicious about the return of a familiar face in “Whiplash,” while Rosie may have good reason to be suspicious of Taylor. Meanwhile, Carmen struggles to maintain her lies, Evelyn takes drastic measures to keep Deion, and Zoila determines to prove she’s a better maid than Joy.

9pm, ABC Family
Chasing Life
As April prepares to leave home and singledom behind, Vanessa ropes her into a bachelorette party that puts the “z” in “crazy” (z being the most party-hearty letter in the Roman alphabet, of course). In lower-key affairs in “The Domino Effect,” Brenna reaches out to Finn and Dominic puts April in touch with his book agent.

9pm, The CW
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Gina Rodriguez guest stars, and now all I want is for her and Aisha Tyler to improv or shoot the breeze or whatever the heck they feel like for 22 minutes. I’m sure guest comic Jeff Davis would agree with me.

Significant Mother
Portland restaurateur Nate learns that his recently separated mom and his BFF are now an item in this sitcom. “Welcome to Bonetown” initiates the awkwardness with Nate making that discovery, and then finding out that his father wants to patch up the marriage.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 10pm, Lifetime
Rachel is back-stabbed in “Future,” while Adam makes a life-altering decision. On the set, an unwanted guest returns (boo!), but brings donuts for everyone (yay!), but also brings cutting emotional drama ([muffled donut-chewing sounds]).

The Making of the Mob: New York
“End Game” concludes the saga with Luciano tapping his successor as Genovese and Gambino make their play to take control.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 10pm, Bravo
Odd Mom Out
“Wheels Down” finds Jill torn between two social engagements: Vanessa’s 40th birthday celebration and Brooke’s awesomely ‘80s prom. Will at least one of those events feature the revelation of potentially shattering secrets? And speaking of sensitive disclosures, Andy spills the beans about Lex’s relationship with his assistant.

10pm, ABC
The Whispers
Claire, Sean, Wes, and Lena dig into the past of Drill’s old associate in “Broken Child,” hoping to find the key to taking down their foe. But Drill has his own plans for the guy, and they involve substantially more murder.

10pm, TNT
Murder in the First
Terry and Hildy hit a hurdle in their investigation, no big deal really, more like a minor speed bump, except that okay it torpedoes the case entirely. Also having bad days in “Bruja Blanca” are Raffi, who finds her loyalty questioned, and Jamie, who feels the strains of the trial.

10pm, PBS
Beats of the Antonov explores life along the border between Sudan and South Sudan, which became separate nations in 2011. There, communities seek to preserve their cultural heritages and use music to help endure hardship in a region still riven by military conflict.

10pm, NBC
Running Wild With Bear Grylls
Ed Helms confronts his acrophobia in the mountains of Colorado and is rewarded with a less than gourmet dinner.

10pm, MTV
Teen Wolf
The Dread Doctors strike in “Strange Frequencies,” which makes it somewhat harder than anticipated for Scott to safeguard the latest victim.

– Ice-T & Coco and Jimmy Pardo on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Amy Schumeron The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Julie Klausenr, Deon Cole, and Rory Albanese on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Meryl Streep, Jerrod Carmichael, and Albert Hammond Jr. on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Miles Teller, Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham, Christine & the Queens, and Brad Wilk on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35am, NBC
– Matt LeBlanc and Nicole Richie on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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