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What to Watch Tonight: Thanksgiving on The Goldbergs, Sheriff Donna on Supernatural, and the U.S. Premiere of River on Netflix

What to watch on Wednesday, November 18...

U.S. SERIES PREMIERE, 12:01am, Netflix
Stellan Skarsgård and Nicola Walker star in this six-episode crime thriller, imported from the BBC. The series follows a Brilliant-but-Troubled™ police officer haunted by the victims of the murders he investigates.

8pm, Cartoon Network
Adventure Time
“May I Come In?” continues the “Stakes” saga with the gang on the hunt for vamps. Then in “Take Her Back,” Finn and Jake battle one such toothy foe while Princess Bubblegum searches for a cure for Marceline.

8pm, The CW
The team is hit by a bombshell in the struggle against Damien Darhk in “Brotherhood,” while Thea wrestles with complications of her own when her bloodlust rears its ugly head in front of Alex.

8pm, Fox
Rosewood and Villa team up with Hornstock’s former partner, now a bounty hunter, to track a murderer in the Everglades. Elsewhere in “Bloodhunt and Beats,” Pippy gets her big break and Villa tries to mend fences with her mom.

8pm, ABC
The Middle
When Frankie must take a holiday job in “Thanksgiving VII,” the Hecks decide to give this year’s Turkey Day a miss. Also working for the holiday weekend is Sue, who re-dons her Spudsy’s duds in hopes of bumping into Logan, while Axl navigates an early quarter-life crisis and MIke and Brick navigate a power outage.

8:30pm, ABC
The Goldbergs
If the Hecks are at one end of the holiday celebration spectrum, Beverly is at the other end when she insists on a huge full-family get-together in “In Conclusion, Thanksgiving.” But brother-in-law Marvin deceives Pop-Pop with the wrong location for the event, while Barry and Erica try to outdo one another in delivering the traditional holiday toast.

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
Rounding out ABC’s Turkey Day trifecta tonight, a post-Thanksgiving leftovers brunch winds up inspiring a host of mischief at Phil’s latest for-sale property in “Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House.” Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay plan a surprise vacation for the whole family.

9pm, Fox
Making a power play, Lucious releases a rap by Freda that challenges Hakeem’s position in “My Bad Parts.” Elsewhere, Jamal pursues a sponsorship deal, Anika gets big news, and Cookie greets a visit from her spirited sister Candace (Vivica A. Fox).

9pm, The CW
In “Plush,” Sheriff Donna asks the boys for help tackling a grisly (and ghostly?) murder, Sam asks God for help with the whole “visions” situation, and Dean, let’s assume, asks a bacon triple cheeseburger for help filling his belly.

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
When a plea deal for child abductor Lewis Hodda is rejected, Barba is left using decades-old evidence to obtain a conviction in “Depravity Standard.” Along the way, the case leads him into a clash with former SVU colleague Dr. Huang.

9pm, PBS
“Making North America: Human” concludes the three-part special with the history of home sapiens on the continent, from the pre-Columbian civilizations that mastered its landscape and resources to the current civilizations that dotted its terrain with Starbucks and Tim Horton’s. Also examined: possible geological events that could reshape the landmass, such as an earthquake/tsunami along the Cascadia fault line and a super-volcano eruption beneath Yellowstone.

9pm, DirecTV
Jay goes after his competition for Laura in “Pink at Night,” while Christina goes after a new career and Lisa goes after a deal with Garo.

9:30pm, ABC
As Bow gets the family gussied up for their Christmas card picture in “Chop Shop,” Dre takes the boys to his lifelong barber, T. But he feels betrayed when Junior opts for another barber’s chair, even as the rest of the Johnsons turn up their noses at Dre’s new ‘do.

9:30pm, Disney XD
Star Wars Rebels
“Blood Sisters” pits Sabine against her old comrade while escorting an important courier to a rendezvous.

10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Hotel
One of the hotel’s deepest secrets is revealed in the course of Will Drake’s renovations, and I don’t think any of us could’ve guessed that it was home to the first Build-A-Bear Workshop. Elsewhere in “Flicker,” the Countess learns what’s become of her first love.

10pm, NBC
Chicago P.D.
A decapitated women found in Lake Michigan turns out to be someone from Voight’s social circle, because I guess Voight has been hanging around in the court of Henry VIII. Meanwhile in “Never Forget I Love You,” Roman’s distress leads to a serious error in judgment, and Olinsky is nonplussed at Antonio’s failure to consult him about a decision important to Michelle.

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
"Sponsored Content" finds Jimmy in hot water for using an inappropriate word in the school paper.

10pm, FXX
The League
In “Adios y Bienvenidos,” Rafi and Dirty Randy head to Puerto Rico in what I suspect is a violation of at least 12 federal travel restrictions. Meanwhile, Ruxin deals with the consequences of Sofia’s plastic surgery.

10:30pm, FXX
You’re the Worst
Jimmy bonds with bartender buddy Nina in “A Rapidly Mutating Virus,” while Edgar tries to bond with Dorothy’s comedy crew and Gretchen accompanies Sam to a radio interview.
– John Cleese, Michaela Watkins, and Trey Anastasio on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Ted Koppel on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Ty Dolla $ign on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Jennifer Lawrence, Michael B. Jordan, and Jeff Lynne’s ELO on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Sharon Stone, Justin Theroux, and James Taylor on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 11:35pm, CBS
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Amber Heard, and Albert Hammond Jr. on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Liam Hemsworth, John Mulaney, MUTEMATH, and Emily Armstrong on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35am, NBC
– Anthony Mackie and Rainn Wilson on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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