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What to Watch Tonight! (Sunday 8/30/15)

What to watch on Sunday, August 30...

Show Me a Hero
Nick, convinced he did the right thing, prepares his comeback strategy as “Parts Five & Six” conclude the saga. Meanwhile, incoming townhouse residents have their doubts, and one prominent opponent of the project reconsiders her stance after meeting some new tenants.

9pm, MTV
2015 MTV Video Music Awards
Miley Cyrus hosts the 32nd annual gala from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater. Scheduled performers include The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, leading nomination-getter Taylor Swift, and whatever small battalion of celebrity guests Swift press-gangs into backup service.

9pm, AMC
Fear the Walking Dead
While Travis sets off in search of his son amid the crumbling city, Madison tries to keep Nick from falling to pieces in “So Close, Yet So Far.” Just another day of zany hijinks in the Walking Deadverse!

9pm, Showtime
Ray Donovan
Romero turns up at the Fite Club in “Tulip,” where he prods Ray to repent for his sins. And come to think of it, he has a few spelling and grammar notes to share with the establishment’s management as long as he’s there.

9pm, TNT
The Last Ship
The Nathan James gets sandwiched between a powerful submarine and the Immunes’ blockade, like a Scylla-and-Charybdis situation except on the water. Meanwhile in “Cry Havoc,” Chandler dispatches Slattery to get Dr. Scott and the cure off the ship and to safety.

Falling Skies
“Reborn” finds the 2nd Mass and their new allies engaging the Espheni in a final showdown in a historic American location (no, not the Waffle House off Route 12, but close). Can our heroes overcome their hardships to defend truth, justice, and the Earthling way?

10pm, FX
The Strain
Eph must protect Zack against a surprising invader in Red Hook, which I bet means Tim Surette has finally snapped and willed himself into the TV to get rid of the annoying teenager once and for all. Elsewhere in “Intruders,” Fet and Setrakian learn they aren’t the only ones with designs on acquiring the Lumen.

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
Sure, Johnson and Dan Logan may be off on an adventure in “Surrogates,” but it’s Masters kicking off his surrogacy program that gives the episode it’s title, so you tell me who’s really winning this one.

10:30pm, PBS
“Gym” finds Freddie and Stuart signing up with Ash’s fitness emporium. Their absence from the flat proves refreshing for Violet and Penelope… but I don’t want to be the one to break it to the ladies that no gym membership in sitcom history has ever lasted more than one (1) episode.

11:30pm, Cartoon Network
Rick and Morty
Rick’s car needs some repairs in “The Ricks Must Be Crazy.” This is certainly the kind of job that can be handled with ordinary, everyday technology and not with crazy and dangerous mad science, right? No? Going with the crazy and dangerous mad science anyway, huh? Hey, it’s a choice.

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