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What to Watch Tonight: Show Me A Hero, The Last Ship, Ballers, The Brink, Vicious & More!!


What to Watch Tonight! (Sunday, August 23rd)

8pm, HBO
Show Me a Hero
Mayor Wasicsko successfully pushes a housing plan through a contentious vote in “Parts Three & Four.” But victory may prove politically Pyrrhic as the construction of the townhomes continues to meet with opposition.

Fear the Walking Dead
A blended family of Los Angelenos comes together to try and survive the burgeoning zombie apocalypse in the 90-minute opener of what is either a prequel to The Walking Dead or an astonishingly gritty reboot of The Brady Bunch.

9pm, Showtime
Ray Donovan
Romero reaches out to Ray in “All Must Be Loved,” while Bunchy and Mickey team up against the Minassians.

9pm, TNT
The Last Ship
In “Valkyrie, Ramsey broadcasts a message that implicates the Navy in a disaster, which may or may not refer to the rumored Top Gun remake. As the ship tracks the Immunes’ signal to its source, Chandler strives to regain the public’s trust.

9pm, TLC
Who Do You Think You Are?
Bryan Cranston examines the lineage of the father who abandoned his family in his youth, and finds a pattern of desertion. Along the way he also discovers a previously unknown aunt.

10pm, ABC
Katrina: Ten Years After the Storm With Robin Roberts
The Good Morning America anchor and Mississippi Gulf Coast native visits the region on the 10th anniversary of one of the most devastating natural disasters in US history. The special examines the tragedy’s legacy, the efforts of those who have rebuilt in its wake, and the work yet to be finished.

10pm, FX
The Strain
Eph is back in the Big Apple and gunning for the person responsible for his friends’ death. Meanwhile in “The Born,” Setrakian and Fet leverage Fitzwilliam’s intel to take the fight to the Master, and a surprise guest pays a call on Dutch.

10pm, TNT
Falling Skies
Tom obtains a potent new weapon in “Reunion,” but sadly he won’t be able to equip it until he reaches Level 50. In other affairs, Ben undertakes a risky mission to learn enemy plans, Pope makes one last assault, and the 2nd Mass regroups after an unexpected visitor arrives.

10pm, Showtime
Masters of Sex
“Monkey Business” finds Masters and Johnson taking on a unconventional new patient. It’s… it’s gonna be a monkey, right? Like the only mystery here is whether they had the budget to land the monkey from Friends.

Spencer must make a tough call when Joe pitches a new venture in “Flamingos.” Meanwhile, Ricky’s dad confronts him, Charles gets a second chance, and Jason and Spencer try to drill some sense into Vernon’s head.

The Brink
“There Will Be Consequences” finds the world teetering on the precipice of crisis, and it’s up to Walter and his trusty videoconference machine to save the day. Elsewhere, Alex tries to strike a chord with Zaman, while Zeke and Glenn find themselves in a sticky situation.

Violet flips her lid when she learns that her estranged (and loaded) sister Lillian plans to visit. Meanwhile in “Sister,” Ash wishes to introduce his girlfriend Jess to the gang.

11:30pm, Cartoon Network
Rick and Morty
It’s Rick and Morty to the rescue in “Get Schwifty,” though no word on whether they also caused the crisis which they must defuse. In other developments a new religion takes bloom.

SERIES (?) FINALE, 12am, Cartoon Network
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
“The Last One Forever and Ever” promises to be the final new episode of television bearing some version of the Aqua Teen label, honest, for realsies, this time they mean it. [Saves blurb to reuse in 2017, 2021, 2045…]


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