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What to Watch Tonight! (Saturday 10/17/15)

What to watch on Saturday, October 17...


11:30am, Discovery Family
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
“The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows” finds the pony least known for her restraint forced to keep a secret about Princess Cadance and Shining Armor.

8:30pm, Disney
Girl Meets World
The vacation hijinks continue in “Girl Meets Texas, Part 2,” as do Riley, Miley, and Lucas's ongoing efforts to sort out their feelings. Perhaps country duo Maddie and Tae can offer some sage advice?

9pm, BBC America
Doctor Who
After getting captured by Vikings in “The Girl Who Died,” the Doctor and Clara must defend their abductors’ village against an attack by futuristic space warriors. Luckily, guest star Maisie Williams knows a thing or two about medieval melee combat.

9pm, Starz
Blunt Talk
“I Brought a Petting Goat!” sees Walter commemorating the anniversary of that most glorious of British triumphs, the Falklands War. The goat of the title will, presumably, play a key role in the festivities.

9:30pm, Starz
Survivor’s Remorse
Reggie enlists Missy to tutor Jupiter, whose draft status is at risk. Meanwhile in “Guts,” Cam and Allison’s romantic fortunes blossom, as do Reggie’s professional ones.

10pm, HBO
Amy Schumer: Live from the Apollo
Amy Schumer takes one of comedy’s most renowned stages in a standup special directed byChris Rock.

10pm, BBC America
The Last Kingdom
Uhtred and Brida flee his uncle, and later Uhtred tries to convince Viking warlord Ubba that he’s an innocent man. If you’re keeping track, this makes two (2) Viking-centric programs in your BBC America Saturday evening lineup tonight.

11:30pm, NBC
Saturday Night Live
Expect it to get a little dusty at 30 Rock as Tracy Morgan, still recovering from his traumatic injury last year, returns to host. Demi Lovato is the musical guest.

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