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What to Watch Tonight: Ray's Return on Arrow, You're the Worst, The Middle, and Nashville

What to watch on Wednesday, November 11...

8pm, ABC
The Middle
Frankie’s mom puts a damper on the festivities in “Homecoming II: The Tailgate.” In other homecoming hijinks, Mike helps Brick practice for a cornhole tourney after Axl comes down with the flu, and Sue signs up to be a class liaison.

8pm, The CW
In “Lost Souls,” Felicity learns that Ray is alive and well… okay, not so much “well” as “a captive of Damien Darkh.” But the alive part, that’s for sure. Black Canary and Speedy mount a rescue mission, but when Sara decides to join her lingering Lazarus Pit effects could bollocks the whole operation.

8pm, Fox
“Quadriplegia and Quality Time” pits Rosewood against his father (Vondie Curtis-Hall) when they serve as expert witnesses for opposing sides in a trial.

8:30pm, ABC
The Goldbergs
Barry finally persuades his parents to get him a dog, but his elation fades after the pooch takes more of a shine to Murray. Elsewhere in “Lucky,” Beverly is none too pleased to be left out of Erica and Lainey’s sleepover plans.

9pm, Fox
Planning to build Empire into a music industry behemoth, Lucious considers partnering with streaming-service founder Jago in “True Love Never.” Elsewhere, Andre juggles his career and his newfound values, Hakeem helps shape Laura’s image, and Cookie strives to involve Lyon Dynasty in a high-profile charity concert.

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
The search for a missing teenage girl leaves deep wounds on Sgt. Dodds in “Melancholy Pursuit.”

9pm, The CW
In “Our Little World,” Castiel turns to the always helpful and reliable Metatron for assistance stopping the Darkness. But the erstwhile Scribe, now a freelance member of a local news crew, wants nothing to do with angels or Winchesters or any of that meshugas. Also struggling with his alliances is Crowley, whose hold on Amara begins to slip.

9pm, ABC
Modern Family
Luke is arrested for driving without a license and Alex is caught sneaking out of a liquor store, as “The More You Ignore Me” turns the Dunphy family into one big Afterschool Special. In less felonious affairs, Mitchell helps Jay shoot a video in conjunction with his award, Haley and Dylan bump into Andy and Beth, and Cam encourages Gloria to go into the hot sauce business (not a euphemism).

9pm, PBS
Part two of “Making North America” focuses on the life forms that have called the continent home, including Mesozoic denizens like tyrannosaurus rex. The installment also considers why North America was comparatively free of primates prior to the arrival of human beings.

9pm, DirecTV
As Ryan checks in on his father in “Happy Hour,” Jay signs up for Alvey’s plan and Nate determines to get back in the cage pronto.

9:30pm, Disney XD
Star Wars Rebels
“Wings of the Master” sends Hera on a perilous mission to snag a cutting-edge ship that could provide the upper hand against the Empire. Also to pick up Doritos, because the team is all out of Doritos. Y’know, since she’s going out anyway.

9:30pm, ABC
In “Charlie in Charge,” Dre and Bow take Zoey on a visit to Brown University, but overzealous alum Bow could turn her daughter off the notion of following in her Ivy League footsteps. Back home, the kids cook up a caper to help Charlie rekindle things with an old flame (Amber Rose).

10pm, FX
American Horror Story: Hotel
While Liz Taylor finds sweet love, Ramona and Donovan exact sweet revenge. Also in “Room 33,” the resident of the titular chamber is revealed.

10pm, ABC
Deacon’s new business venture with his old AA buddy raises red flags for Rayna in “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.” Personally, I think their bacon-scented detergent idea is a can’t-miss. In more personal conflicts, recent events surrounding Luke leave both his integrity and his relationship with his son in dire straits.

10pm, NBC
Chicago P.D.
A tip about a drug trade leads the team to the mutilated body of a government official in “Forget My Name.” As Lindsay and Halstead investigate, Burgess devises a surprise (presumably a far less grisly one) for Platt.

10pm, Comedy Central
South Park
Kenny’s game catches the eye of terrorists in “Naughty Ninjas,” while the town decides to kiss its police force goodbye.

10pm, FXX
The League
Concussions force Taco to retire from sex, while Andre’s one night stand with an Uber driver has even dicier coital consequences. Meanwhile in “The Block,” Pete goes on a TV binge, and Ruxin and Sofia try to keep the spark alive online when she visits Puerto Rico.

10:30pm, FXX
You’re the Worst
When Jimmy’s family visits from England in “A Right Proper Story,” neither he nor Gretchen are too chuffed. (Or, wait, maybe they are? I always get that one backwards. They aren’t happy, anyway.) Elsewhere, Lindsay fills in for Gretchen at work.

– Jesse Eisenberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Six-String Soldiers on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Paul Bettany on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Mario Batali on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– James McAvoy, Sam Smith, and Kurt Braunohler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Viola Davis, physicist Brian Greene, and George Ezra on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 11:35pm, CBS
– Rob Lowe, Adrianne Palicki, and Dave Gahan & Soulsavers on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Adam Levine, Bethany Frankel, Alessia Cara, and Jeremy Gara on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35am, NBC
– Christoph Walz and Johnny Galecki on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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