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What to Watch Tonight: Gotham, Faking It, Fargo, The Big Bang Theory, and Jane the Virgin

What to watch on Monday, October 19...

8pm, CBS
The Big Bang Theory
Barry instructs the fellas in the fine art of fencing, but he lands a very palpable hit on Sheldon when he expresses interest in Amy. Elsewhere in “The Perspiration Implementation,” the ladies help Stuart make the comic book store more female-friendly.

8pm, Fox
It’s probably too much to hope that “Scarification” will introduce the Ventriloquist and Scarface, right? But then again, maybe the milquetoast puppeteer and his mobbed-up wooden buddy are the “dangerous family” with which Penguin and Galavan will be joining forces, even as the family feud between the Waynes and the Galavans flares up.

8pm, ABC Family
Switched at Birth
It’s time for Lily’s baby shower in “A Mad Tea Party.” Bay assumes hosting duties when Regina is called away by an emergency with Will, while Kathryn and Prof. Marillo clash and the guest of honor frets over how the others will receive her decision.

8pm, The CW
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
“Josh’s Girlfriend Is Really Cool!” finds Rebecca discovering her ex-beau’s current squeeze, Valencia. And by “discovering,” I of course mean “obsessing over and stumbling into zany mishaps while attempting to keep tabs on.”

8:30pm, CBS
Life in Pieces
Tyler introduces the family to the new lady in his life in “Baby Secret Phone Germs,” while Matt and Colleen’s own romance lands them in a pickle at work. Meanwhile, Jen and Greg fear becoming germophobes, and John surreptitiously buys Sophia a cell phone.

9pm, The CW
Jane the Virgin
Jane settles into a maternal groove with Mateo in “Chapter Twenty-Four,” but her more grown-up relationships are less in-sync. Meanwhile, Xo and Ro fulfill a legal obligation by performing on a cruise ship, Alba makes a big decision, Lachlan raises red flags for Petra and Rafael, and guest star Kesha... does something, presumably.

9pm, CBS
The Scorpionvengers don their sharpest capes and tights when their latest mission sends them undercover on the set of a superhero movie in “Super Fun Guys.”

9pm, MTV
Prom season arrives and drops a bombshell on Jenna, along with a rather unfortunate portmanteau, in “An Indecent Promposal.”

9:30pm, MTV
Faking It
In other school-gala shenanigans, “Nuclear Prom” finds Karma and Shane trying to one-up one another and Amy confronting some surprising feelings. Ah, all these prom episodes bring back fond memories of my own big night. It was attacked by hellhounds, as I recall. ...Okay fine, that wasn’t my prom, it was Buffy’s. But it was as close as I got so I’m counting it.

10pm, FX
The Gerhardts receive a surprising offer in “Before the Law,” but hey, this new-fangled Columbia Record Club thing sounds like a pretty groovy deal! In other misadventures, unseasoned killers do their darndest to clean up their mess.

10pm, ABC
A witness helps Castle and Beckett track down the art thief who swiped a rare painting and killed its transporter in “The Nose.”

10pm, NBC
After a hostage crisis goes pear-shaped, the FBI and the CIA are at loggerheads in “Split the Law.” Also creating friction: Carter sharing with Mayfair his mistrust of Jane, and Jane meeting Weller’s family (not one of her tattoos advised on whether she should bring wine or a crudité).

10pm, CBS
NCIS: Los Angeles
In “Blame It On Rio,” Special Agent DiNozzo pays a visit to his Southland counterparts after a prisoner eludes custody on a flight from Singapore to L.A. I’m not sure where the “Rio” reference comes in, unless maybe said prisoner’s escape plan involved distracting the guards with the bodacious tunes of Duran Duran?

– Elijah Wood, John Fogerty, and Richard Thompson on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Loni Love and Raury on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Bill Murray, Ryan Adams, and Misty Copeland on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC

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