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What to Watch This Weekend: The Finales of Killjoys and Aquarius, and the Premieres of Blunt Talk, Survivor's Remorse, and Fear the Walking Dead

What's on TONIGHT!

8pm, ABC
We Day
A look at the movement that aims to foster awareness and advocacy among young people worldwide, including stories from some of the youths in question as well as performances fromCommon, Colbie Caillat, and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

8pm, Syfy
Nolan, Amanda, and Irisa try to stop Kindzi from schlepping more Omec to Earth in “The Awakening,” since hanging a sign that said “EARTH CLOSED FOR LUNCH BE BACK IN AN HOUR” didn’t seem to fool anyone. In Tarr family business, Stahma seeks forgiveness from Alak while Datak seeks egress from an Omec compound.

8:30pm, Disney
Girl Meets World
The kids band together to save the school’s art and music programs from the budgetary ax in “Girl Meets Creativity.” Ah yes, another “grade schoolers save the day through the words of Duchamp and Schoenberg” episode. A sitcom classic.

SEASON 1 FINALE, 9pm, Syfy
The Killjoys must choose sides in “Escape Velocity,” as a friend lands in Company custody and as the uneasy peace in the Quad is threatened.

9pm, PBS
National Gallery
The titular London museum is explored, including interviews with employees, historians, and art experts.

10pm, Showtime
Maz Jobrani: I’m Not a Terrorist But I’ve Played One on TV
The comedian examines political and social issues, as well as his kids experiences, through the lens of his Iranian-American background.

10pm, Cinemax
Strike Back
With Li-Na’s plan out in the open, the team races to put the kibosh on the deal between Office 39 and the Yakuza. And it won’t be easy, because both groups’ leaders have already pinky-shook on that deal, making it legally binding everywhere in the world.

10pm, Syfy
Dark Matter
The crew must retake the ship from the mercenaries who intend to deliver them to the Galactic Authority. Might they sway their captors with a reasonable discussion that emphasizes tolerance and harmony among people from diverse walks of life, or shall they go straight to the space-weapons?

– Jason Schwartzman, Tatiana Maslany, and Dan White on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– YouTube Stars Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Kandee Johnson, The Slow Mo Guys & Epic Rap Battles of History; and Boyce Avenue on The Late Late Show with James Corden, 12:37am, CBS

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