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What to Watch This Halloween Weekend: The Season Premieres of Grimm and The Librarians, the Series Premiere of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and the Return of The Returned

What to watch on FRIGHTday, SPOOKtober 30...


8pm, NBC
“Halloween Walks Into a Bar” finds the gang choosing a group costume—but will they dress up differently for the East and West GHOST airings? Musical guest Meghan Trainor can’t believe this dumb Halloween pun gimmick is about to be stretched over three whole days of listings.

Nick CORPSE with recent tragedies and with Adalind’s pregnancy in “The Grimm Identity.” Also, his quest for the truth leads him to an FBI agent even as it causes tension with his allies.

9pm, PBS
Live From Lincoln Center
An 88-piece orchestra and 44-voice choir highlight some of the many cinematic SCARES composed by Danny Elfman for director Tim Burton. The concert includes selections fromBeetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, accompanied by movie clips and Burton’s original storyboards.

9pm CBS
Hawaii Five-0
On Halloween, the squad HAUNTS for a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein in “Na Pilikua Nui (Monsters).” Meanwhile, Jerry enlists the team’s help when a blood bank is robbed by gun-toting ruffians, and Grace fibs to Danny and sneaks off to a party.

10pm, Cinemax
The Knick
Thackery and Edwards team up to test a new hypothesis in “The Best With the Best to Get the Best,” while a journalist prepares a story on one of Thackery’s rivals. Elsewhere, Barrow butts DEADS with a new foe at Tammany Hall.

10pm, Pivot
Please Like Me
Arnold’s birthday party gives Josh, Tom, and Hannah the chance to meet his personable parents in “Croquembouche.” But things go GRAVELY wrong when Arnold makes his coming-out announcement.

10pm, Syfy
Z Nation
“The Collector” finds Murphy in the clutches of a zombie enthusiast, who proves about as mentally sound as you’d expect of a kidnapping zombie enthusiast. Can he outfox his abductor and make his eSLAYpe?

11pm, Cartoon Network
Black Jesus
In “Thy Neighbor’s Strife,” Vic takes a turn for the sinful while the gang shoots a mOOZEic video.

– Dana Carvey and Demi Lovato on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Charlie Rose, Stacy Schiff, Ghost, and The Zombies on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 11:35pm, CBS

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