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What Show Should Be Revived in Australia??


The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Absolutely Fabulous, Roots, Gilmore Girls, MacGyver, The A Team, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Teletubbies, Xena -there is not shortage of remakes, reboots and revivals in the pipeline overseas.

In Australia we have rebooted Prisoner as Wentworth. The Block has been a long running revival for Nine. A Place to Call Home is back after being axed and Offspring is on the way.

But what else should networks be looking at?

Is it time to bring back The Panel? What about Talkin’ Bout Your Generation? Whatever happened to the family from Sylvania Waters? Should Andrew Denton sit down for Enough Ropeonce again? And could Number 96 be refreshed for a new generation?

TV Tonight wants your input into 6 genres: Drama, Comedy, Light Entertainment, Game Shows, Kids & Reality TV. You can choose 5 in each category.

Whether it is bringing back the original cast, or reimagining with new actors as a spin-off, it doesn’t matter.

… and don’t forget we already have Prisoner (as Wentworth) and a Dance Academy film coming, so they’re out!

Survey closes October 31.

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