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wentworth season 3 episode 6

Wentworth (SoHo) Trailer - "Evidence"

wentworth season 3 episode 6

Season 3 Episode 6


Original Air-date: May 12, 2015
Written by: Stuart Page
Directed by: Steve Jodrell

Ferguson is blindsided by Jodie’s complaint to the ombudsman. Channing attempts damage control, but Jodie’s accusations of brutality promise to be very damaging for the Governor. But Ferguson, realising Bea is the driving force behind the complaint, has her kidnapped and brutalised by her henchman Jesper, and Jodie, isolated and without support, crumbles during the hearing.

But it’s only when Bea wakes up, strapped into a bed in the psych unit, that the real depth of Ferguson’s revenge becomes apparent.

wentworth season 3wentworth soho

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