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wentworth soho the governor the freak

Wentworth (SoHo) - "Goldfish"


Season 3 Episode 8


When Ferguson’s pet goldfish dies, she identifies her lack of emotion at the death as a potential weakness, rather than strength. But in seeking a renewed connection with Doreen, Ferguson unwittingly makes herself vulnerable when she calls Doreen “Jianna”.

Bea sees this as a possible chink in her armour and tasks Doreen with uncovering the truth behind the name. As Ferguson bestows extra favours on Doreen, it raises the ire of Lucy and her crew. When Lucy attacks the Governor’s Pet and threatens to infect her and the baby with Hep C, Ferguson puts Doreen into Protection, isolating her from her ‘family’.

Vera, for her part, loses her temper when Ferguson denies throwing her to the wolves in the riot, and she blurts out her Hep C status to the Governor as an accusation. Following Lucy’s attack on Doreen, Vera becomes convinced that it was Lucy who infected her.

When Ferguson’s desire for Doreen leads to a possible kiss, the stress brings on Doreen’s labour and she gives birth to a healthy baby boy. In the aftermath, a “proud” Ferguson overhears Doreen telling Bea about Jianna and calling Ferguson a freak. Any potential humanity in Ferguson is destroyed and she begins to emotionally and psychologically unravel.


wentworth the governor the freak soho

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