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Wentworth (Full Episode) - "Righteous Acts"

Season 3 Episode 4

"Righteous Acts"

Original Air-date: April 28, 2015
Written by: John Ridley
Directed by: Catherine Millar

Liz is frantic with concern when she can’t contact Sophie. After being slotted for an aggressive confrontation with Ferguson, her world is rocked when Sophie is remanded in Wentworth for a drunken hit and run. Liz has to counsel and protect a freaked out Sophie, particularly from lesbian trio, Juicy Lucy, Stella and Rhonda.

For her part, Franky has commenced her sessions with Bridget, and in a candid moment admits to a desire for revenge against Bea. When Bea is shivved in the yard, Franky comes under suspicion, but Bea quickly realises Jodie, freshly released from the Slot where she was terrorised by Ferguson, was behind the attack at the Governor’s behest.

With Bea laid up because of the attack, Juicy Lucy uses the opportunity to sexually molest Sophie in the showers, but Franky comes to Sophie’s rescue in the nick of time. Despite Liz’s attempts to protect her daughter, Franky usurps her in that regard. Franky is Sophie’s new hero.

Wentworth: Season 3 Episode 4 Preview

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