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Season 2 Episode 9

"The Fixer"

When Ferguson discovers Doreen is the pregnant prisoner, the Governor threatens to have Nash’s parole revoked unless she lies about the father. Will is publicly accused of an inappropriate relationship with Bea...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



When the lab results point to Doreen being pregnant, Ferguson threatens to have Doreen’s lover, Nash’s, parole revoked if Doreen doesn’t say that Will is the father of her baby. After being publicly accused by Harry Smith of an inappropriate relationship with Bea, Will comes to believe that Harry is behind his campaign of harassment. He reports this to Ferguson, who uses the information to further her agenda against him. When Doreen refuses to bow to the Governor’s pressure, Ferguson has Jesper run Will and Rose off the road. Will, believing Harry to be behind it, tries to attack Harry and is arrested. Despite her bailing Will out, we realize that Ferguson’s agenda is to destroy him because of Will’s actions as a social worker in Ferguson’s past. Meanwhile, Bea manipulates Maxine into bashing her in order to get her into Franky’s crew. With Maxine as her spy, Bea prepares herself to take down Franky and become Top Dog.


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