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wentworth season 3 episode 1

Wentworth (Full Episode) - "The Governor’s Pleasure"

wentworth season 3 episode 1

Season 3 Episode 1

"The Governor’s Pleasure"

Original Air-date: April 7, 2015
Written by: Stuart Page
Directed by: Kevin Carlin

When Bea is sentenced to life without parole for the killing of Brayden Holt, Ferguson makes it very clear - she owns Bea now. So when Bea uses her standing as Top Dog to hit back, Ferguson takes revenge – she slots Bea and releases Liz from Protection, exposing Liz to a brutal bashing from Boomer. But Ferguson has underestimated Bea, who starts a riot amongst the prisoners. With the prison in lock-down, Vera hostage, and fires burning in the exercise yard, Ferguson has to turn to Bea to quell the riot. Wentworth isn’t Ferguson’s prison – it’s Bea’s. Battle lines are drawn.

wentworth season 3

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