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wentworth Season 3 Episode 2

Wentworth (Full Episode) - "Failing Upwards"

wentworth Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 Episode 2

"Failing Upwards"

Original Air-date: April 14, 2015
Written by: Adam Todd
Directed by: Kevin Carlin

Following the riot, Bea must balance an uneasy peace with Ferguson with the needs and expectations of the women. Bea and Ferguson’s horse-trading starts out easily enough, but soon escalates to the more serious issue of drugs inside the prison. Ferguson wants to stamp out the trade and for obvious reasons Bea finds herself on common ground with the Governor. But when it becomes clear that Ferguson wants Franky’s head for it, Bea must wonder if, rather than help her cement her position as Top Dog, it may indeed be a ruse to undermine it. Bea, however, acts cleverly to protect her main rival, instead offering up Franky’s new girlfriend Jodie Spiteri as the sacrificial lamb.

Though somewhat unhappy with the outcome, Ferguson can’t deny the prison’s drug problem has been struck a serious blow and makes good on a promise to allow Bea the opportunity to flex her authority over the women by publicly punishing Boomer for the attack on Liz. Meanwhile, Liz has a difficult reunion with her daughter Sophie and is unsure when Doreen proposes she be the alternate carer when the baby comes. Will finds himself in a good place; his relationship with Rose is headed in a happy direction and when he is able to offer words of forgiveness to Fletch it seems as though he is finally able to put the past behind him. But in a shocking turn of events, Will becomes the focus of a murder investigation when Bea’s ex-husband Harry is found dead.

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