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Trouble in her parents' marriage impacts Emma and Bruce's plan to move back to America...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Completely over Sweden, Bruce is packing his bags when his former client Malin Ackerman rings him up on Skype. He immediately starts to tear into his adopted country - it's sucking the life out of him! - somehow forgetting Sweden is the country of Malin's birth. Within moments, another client is lost forever. And Bruce isn't done insulting people; he can't help being jealous when Emma's "old friend" Marcus arrives for a visit. But on the way to return a video, the two men bond over "Tootsie." So moments after asking for alone time with Emma, Bruce asks Marcus to join them dinner. Bruce finds Emma's Uncle Bengt, the owner of the video store, crying over his lack of luck with the ladies.

That night at dinner, Bruce stares lovingly at Marcus, who amazes with tales of his worldwide hitchhiking adventures. Annoyed that her alone time has been poached, Emma heads to bed. When Bruce bursts in to declare he's invited Marcus to stay until they leave for America since this bromance is fully underway, she let's the bomb drop. Marcus is her ex! Bruce cringes, so Emma backs off - it was a long time ago; Marcus was her first boyfriend for just for a couple of weeks, etc.

Bruce finds the proprietor of the video store, Emma's Uncle Bengt, pining over his lack of luck with the ladies, just as his crush walks in. Forgoing Bruce's advice to be himself, Bengt acts oddly, so Bruce steps in, sending his prospect out the door. Bruce insists on looking up the woman's rental history to deduce that she's single. Now all Bengt has to do is invite her over for dinner! If he's uncomfortable, he can invite the whole family. Back at the apartment, Emma catches Bruce rifling through Marcus' backpack. Emma reassures Bruce; Marcus isn't boyfriend material, and she loves Bruce and wants to start a family with him.

It's not long before the whole family is walking through the woods on their way to dinner at Bengt's trailer. Viveka isn't happy. Why can't Birger put a little thought into his appearance - and why can't they take the scenic route? Viveka needs to have some fun, but clearly that notion goes against Birger's grain. Bengt's lady arrives, and he makes progress with his favorite American movie lines - but once he's started, he can't stop. Sweaty and unhappy, Viveka arrives with pricklers stuck in her hair and plops down next to Bruce, who's pretending Marcus' constant hugging of Emma isn't a problem. After all, Marcus was her first boyfriend, and first boyfriends never stick. Realizing the root of her problem with Birger, an emotional Viveka lays into him, not realizing that he's in the middle of a heart attack until he collapses.

At the hospital, Bruce is relieved to learn Birger is okay, which is great, because now they won't have to miss their flight to America. As Emma's jaw drops, Bruce wonders whether Birger may have had his heart attack on purpose to prevent Viveka from leaving him... Emma stalks off, and Birger tells Bruce to go *&$% himself. Sometimes the first love IS the one! Bruce looks up to find Marcus joining in a family hug. Moments later, Bruce tells Emma he's decided to go to America on his own for three months. When she asks, "What about us?" Bruce insists he's got to get away, because he keeps screwing things up.

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