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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Just as Bruce tries to return to celebrity money management, Amy Poehler sends Aubrey Plaza to Sweden with an offer that's tough to refuse...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


A harried Amy Poehler is shoving documents into her shredder, haranguing Bruce over the phone. The IRS is after her - how much will it cost to get him back to New York?! Bruce lies, telling Amy he has a new job managing money for Swedish celebrities. Refusing to take no for an answer, Amy offers him $300,000, then hangs up and calls Aubrey Plaza. It's time to go to Plan B; Aubrey has to go to Sweden to bring Bruce back to the States.

Emma is delighted to hear Bruce intends to manage money for Swedish celebrities, but she knows all is not what it seems when Greg pulls out his new walking sticks and heads out for a walk… without his pants. Nevertheless, Emma sets up an appointment with a Swedish celebrity, whom Greg has never heard of. The guy seems a little crazy so Bruce rushes off when Viveka calls with "an emergency," which seems more like a therapy session - or spying for Emma. Bruce insists he's not depressed; he's just been trying to act more Swedish. Viveka has noticed; in fact, she hates Bruce less now than when she first met him. After work, Emma is stunned to spy Aubrey awkwardly loitering outside her apartment building. Aubrey claims she's doing a European comedy tour, but her story isn't convincing. Emma fails to get rid of Aubrey, who pounces on Bruce when he comes home. They should hang out - why doesn't Bruce take Aubrey on a tour of Stockholm right now?

After visiting a zoo with no animals, a sunken naval ship and Old Town, Aubrey whines all the way to the ABBA Museum. Why can't Bruce just have sex with her? As Bruce tries to convince Aubrey of Sweden's charms, the ABBA Museum's curator, Björn Ulvaeus (from the band ABBA), sidles up. Ultimately, Aubrey leaves in a huff, and, failing to recognize Björn, Bruce quickly puts his foot in it.

Back at home, Emma advises Bruce to find the biggest Swedish celebrity he can and sell him, just like the good old days in New York. After suiting up in his battle gear, Bruce takes a meeting with… Björn from ABBA, who's still wearing his silky, unusual outfit from the other day. Björn tells Bruce he's dressed up for a photo shoot - and furthermore, why would he want Bruce to make him more money? He's just not interested in what Bruce is selling. Meanwhile, Emma follows Aubrey to a bar, to tell her to stop stalking Bruce. Insisting she's not a stalker, Aubrey claims she's done stalking Bruce because Emma turned into a boring Swede. Little does Emma know, Bruce is done being Swedish, to the point where he's going to do stupid American stuff just for the hell of it. Reeling from his encounter with Björn, Bruce admits to Emma that for the first time since he moved to Sweden, he wants to go home, just for a little while. Emma doesn't get it; they're just getting settled and their life is in Sweden now! But when she realizes Amy offered Bruce $300,000… Bruce thinks she's saying okay to moving back to New York!

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

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