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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Cultures clash when Bruce's parents come to visit amidst a pregnancy scare...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


As a harried Bruce rushes out of the house to pick up his parents, Emma mentions she might be pregnant! Bruce makes a 360 to stick his foot in his mouth, then tries his best to play shocked but excited, but in truth, he's consumed with stress over the arrival of his crazy parents. According to his conservative dad Wayne, his mom Nancy has been popping pills since they began their cruise. As they walk, Wayne points out Sweden's many gay nannies. Bruce informs they're not gay nannies; they're just well-dressed European fathers.

Bruce and his parents head over to Emma's parents' to meet her family. Bengt makes quite an impression on Wayne, throwing off his American flag wrap to dive naked into the lake. In a rare moment alone, Emma tells Bruce she can't fit into her pants - this is actually happening. When Bruce demands to know whether this means marriage is imminent, she claims they don't need to get married - this is Sweden!

Viveka and Nancy chat, while Birger and Wayne take a stroll. Nancy tells Viveka how much she loves Emma, and she can't wait until she officially joins the family. An extremely defensive Viveka responds with "We'll see about that!" before taking Nancy to see "the special mushrooms" she grows in the woods. Nancy is resistant at first, claiming she had a bad experience in college, then pops one in her purse "for later."

Back at the house, Wayne insists on leading a prayer before dinner. Tensions run high when Viveka reveals her family is atheist. Bruce's mother excuses herself to eat the mushroom in her purse, then returns high as a kite with lipstick all over her face. Meanwhile, Wayne discusses his belief that people should be married before they have children - what about bastards? - blatantly insulting everyone at the table, as Viveka and Birger aren't married. Later, Emma confronts Bruce about his father's views on marriage and children. Bruce reassures Emma he doesn't share his father's beliefs; he will be a completely different father to their child.

After a stressful and crazy visit, Bruce finally says farewell to his parents... although they promise to return at Christmas. Back at the apartment, Emma informs Bruce that she got her period, which means she's not pregnant. Then Emma has a realization - she's just getting fat!

Welcome to Sweden

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