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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

[highlight]"Fitting In/Vånner"[/highlight]

Are Bruce's difficulties learning a new language impacting his ability to make friends… or is it just Bruce?

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Bruce is having a hard time fitting in with Emma's friends, ostensibly because of the language barrier. Emma thinks Bruce isn't making an effort to make Swedish friends and is only spending time with his new "best friend" Hassan - who thinks Bruce is Canadian! Bruce asks Hassan if he could ever make friends with an American. Without hesitation, Hassan says no; he would never be friends with an American, even if it were Bruce. Discouraged, Bruce decides to keep his citizenship in the closet.

After a shopping trip with a friend, Emma realizes that Bruce's inability to communicate is impacting her relationships. She questions Bruce: has he really done everything he can to improve his Swedish? Her friends don't want to hang out with her anymore, and they weren't invited to her friend Lisa's party! Determined to remedy the situation, Bruce calls Lisa and speaks to her in very bad and loud Swedish, steamrolling her into a party invitation. On a Swedish roll, Bruce calls Viveka next to invite her for a spa day. During his massage, Bruce inadvertently kicks an attendant in the face, resulting in a bloody nose. When Bruce receives the bill, the prices shock him. When he tries to negotiate, an annoyed Viveka pays the bill herself.

Embarrassed, Bruce is determined to convince Viveka that he can provide for Emma - who points out that, currently, he can't. The couple heads to Lisa's party, ready to mingle - Swedish style. Everything goes great until Lisa finds scratches on the hardwood floor. Furious, her husband screams, "Who the hell is wearing shoes in here?" Lo and behold, Bruce is the only one wearing shoes. Emma thought he knew that no Swede wears shoes in the house - isn't it obvious?

Bruce knocks on Hassan's door, resolved to tell him the truth about his country of origin. But Hassan has already made up his mind; he doesn't think they should be friends anymore. They have nothing in common, and he thinks Bruce is keeping him from making Swedish friends his own age, case closed, door shut. Shocked and upset, Bruce yells at the door, "I'm an American!" Later that night, Bruce's phone rings - it's his parents and they're coming to Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

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