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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

"Get a Job/Farthinder"

On the job hunt, Bruce learns he's a terrible driver with a Swedish seaman's sense of humor. Gene Simmons guest stars...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Every morning, Bruce orders a pastry at his local café - but today, his credit card is declined. Unfortunately, the woman behind the counter doesn't recognize him and insists on payment. Bruce promises to come back tomorrow and pay. When Bruce tells Emma what happened, she tells him not to blame the woman; she probably didn't recognize him because of his "perfectly normal" face. Unsure what to make of this comment, Bruce also lets Emma know he's suddenly broke. Emma reassures Bruce - she'll support him until he gets a job.

Hassan tells Bruce that he just got a taxi-driving job from an agency. With Hassan's encouragement, Bruce visits the agency to meet with a job placement agent, who happily informs him that Sweden needs more accountants - Bruce will have a job in no time. The problem is Bruce doesn't want to be an accountant anymore. With few options, the agent tells Bruce that he will need a Swedish driver's license to qualify for another job. The next day, Hassan attempts to teach Bruce to drive stick shift. Unfortunately, Bruce does not get the hang of it, and Hassan kicks him out of the driver's seat.

Later that night, Bruce and Emma run into Bruce's former client Gene Simmons at a bar. Gene came all the way to Sweden to find Bruce - nobody quits on Gene Simmons, and Bruce is going to fix his problem with the IRS. Bruce hesitantly agrees to help.

At dinner with Emma's family, Viveka once again patronizes Bruce for being unemployed while defending Gustaf's jobless lifestyle. There must be jobs for which Bruce doesn't need a driver's license? Desperate, Bruce ventures back to the employment agency, this time coming away with an interview for a job in tourism. He receives the job on the spot, only to realize he will be leading tours on a boat. Bruce is prone to seasickness, so he flubs his maiden voyage, throws up and gets fired.

Bruce heads back to the job agency to admit defeat; he should probably just look for a job in accounting, news which delights the agent. Hassan stops in to tell Bruce he was fired from his taxi-driving job when someone saw Bruce driving badly. But it doesn't matter; he's taken Bruce's advice to heart - why take a job he doesn't like? Bruce realizes Hassan is right and walks out of the agency, still jobless.

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

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