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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

"Proving Love/Lägenhet"

Bruce and Emma's visit to the immigration office puts authorities on high alert. Aubrey Plaza and Amy Poehler guest star...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


After a two-week stay at Emma's parents (which seems more like two years), Bruce and Emma finally move into her old apartment. Excited, Bruce tries to befriend his new neighbors, but gets nothing but cold shoulders. Emma explains that in Sweden, the most anyone says to each other is "hey hey." The couple head to the immigration office to prove their relationship is legit. Nervous, Emma finishes the officer's sentences, not letting him speak, while Bruce rambles on about Charles Manson - not the best representation of their personalities or relationship.

As Bruce reassures Emma that everything will work out, he receives a call from former client Aubrey Plaza. Aubrey and Amy Poehler want Bruce to come back to New York, and Aubrey won't stop calling until he does. A bit jealous, Emma demands Bruce stop speaking to Aubrey altogether. Bruce promises her that nothing's going on.

Bruce's belongings are finally delivered. He has way more stuff than Emma expected, and his wooden man bar and signed Boomer Esiason football don't belong in her all-white apartment. In the midst of an argument over decor, Emma's parents show up with even more questionable furniture. Over tea, Viveka subtly makes her disapproval of Emma and Bruce's relationship known. Annoyed, Emma encourages her mother to shut up.

Aubrey calls Bruce again, and Emma blows up. Overwhelmed by Aubrey, immigration and furniture, Emma can't take it anymore. Bruce calms her down, and the couple decides to get rid of all the furniture - even his football and her beloved Arne Jacobsen chair - and start fresh.

As Bruce pays a man to take away their furniture, he can't resist keeping his Boomer Esiason football. What's the harm? On his way back to the apartment, he follows Emma's instructions, only saying, "Hey, hey," to greet his neighbors. Ironically, this is one time someone in the building is stuck in the elevator and actually needs help - oh well. Upstairs, the immigration officer makes a surprise visit to Emma and Bruce's now empty home. Bruce runs in the door with his football, infuriating Emma - she would have kept her Arne Jacobsen chair if she knew he was going to keep his football! The immigration officer watches Emma and Bruce fight, which is proof enough that they are a legitimate couple.

Relieved, Emma and Bruce celebrate, sitting on the floor of their empty apartment. That night, Emma dreams she's in bed with Bruce. She rolls over to see who else but Aubrey Plaza, who kisses Bruce and urges him to put a baby inside her. Alarmed and infuriated, Emma wakes up and slaps Bruce.

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

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