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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

"Learn the Language/ Spårket"

As Bruce struggles to learn a new language, former client Will Ferrell drops in for a visit - and a favor...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Hoping to better his Swedish, Bruce enrolls in a language class. When another student, Hassan, tells the class he's from Iraq and hates Americans, Bruce impulsively introduces himself as Canadian.

Back at the house, Emma walks in on Bruce practicing his Swedish. Finally a moment alone! They start kissing, only to be interrupted by the rest of Emma's family. Viveka offers cinnamon buns, but Bruce refuses - he doesn't like the spice. Emma's parents are perplexed. How can Bruce not like a spice? But when Gustav rushes in with news of his cockamamie plan to open a reggae club, Viveka showers him with support. It's not until the end of the night that Bruce and Emma once again find themselves alone in bed... which collapses, prompting a panicked Viveka and Birger to rush in.

Hassan asks Bruce where he lives in Canada. Caught off guard, Bruce claims he lives near the American border, which sets Hassan into another ethnic rage, leaving Bruce uncomfortably trapped in his lie. At the next class, Hassan introduces Bruce to the rest of his family, explaining he's from Canada and hates Americans - just like them!

Bruce receives a text from his former client Will Ferrell, who's in Sweden and wants to meet up. Although Bruce senses Will has self-serving intentions, Emma and he join Will and his girlfriend for tea and cinnamon buns. This time Emma forces Bruce to eat one and not be rude. When the ladies leave the boys, Will tells Bruce how much he loves Sweden. Impressed by Will's fluent Swedish, Bruce asks him how he learned so quickly. Will shows Bruce the instructional tapes he uses - the best part is the woman's sexy voice. Then he reveals why he really wanted to see Bruce: Will needs help with his taxes. Bruce resists, but Will negotiates - he will give Bruce the tapes in exchange for his help.

Back at home, another stab at sexy time is interrupted when Bruce's bowels get in the way - which ultimately explains why Bruce steers clear of cinnamon. Later that night, Emma finds Bruce listening to his sexy-voice Swedish tapes. When she asks if her voice is as sexy, Bruce instinctively says no before realizing his error. Oops.

The next night, Viveka sets Emma and Bruce up in the living room. As the two start to get frisky, Bruce asks Emma to make sure her parents are upstairs. Emma checks and almost walks in on her parents' sexy time! Mortified, Emma runs downstairs and grabs Bruce - they are going to a hotel, right now. Alone in their hotel room at last, Emma and Bruce toast with champagne, only to hear the sounds of sexy time coming from the hotel room above them...

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

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