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Welcome to Sweden. Säsong I, episod 1.


Welcome to Sweden. Säsong I, episod 1.

Season 1 Episode 1

"Day One/Välkommen"

Celebrity accountant Bruce gives up his job to move to his girlfriend Emma's native Sweden to start a new life...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Welcome to Sweden - Season 1


Celebrity accountant Bruce Evans breaks the news to client Amy Poehler that he's quitting - which is fine with her, since she was planning to fire him anyway. Bruce has simply made her too much money, and Amy's over it. Confused, Bruce explains he's moving to Sweden to live with his girlfriend Emma - he's head over heels in love and starting a whole new life!

Bruce's girlfriend greets him at the airport and reminds him that they're staying at her parent's house for two weeks. The couple arrives at a dock, where Emma's dad, Birger, welcomes them onto a boat - which is how they'll get to his house. Sensitive to boats, Bruce becomes seasick. Upon arriving at the house, an already queasy Bruce is overwhelmed by Emma's family: Emma's hypercritical, yet totally sexy mother Viveka; Emma's spoiled slacker brother Gustaf; and Uncle Bengt, a zealous fan of American movies. Emma tells her skeptical parents the story of her first meeting with Bruce at a lovely, romantic restaurant. Meanwhile Bruce tells Gustaf and Uncle Bengt his version of the same story: he first met Emma at a dive bar, and he doesn't exactly remember what happened that night.

Later, Emma saves Bruce from an oddly silent conversation with her father, showing him to a bedroom where he can nap off the jet lag before dinner. Just as Bruce dozes off, Gustaf barges in - what is Bruce doing on his bunk bed? Unfortunately for Bruce, there's no rest for the weary as entrepreneur Gustaf insists on discussing his plans for a taco bus business.

After a rousing drinking song to start off dinner, Viveka interrogates Bruce, who explains that he's quit his job to be with Emma and plans to take a year off to "find himself."

After dinner, the men get naked and head to the sauna for more shots while Emma and her mother clean up. Viveka's sure Bruce is not a good match for daughter, who has never had a boyfriend last more than a couple of weeks. While Emma defends herself, a drunk and overtired Bruce keels over in the sauna. At the end of the day, Bruce and Emma sit on the dock wrapped in each other's arms. They both agree that despite all the obstacles, they'll be just fine living together in Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

First Look at Welcome to Sweden (Sneak Peek)  

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1 Welcome to Sweden - Season 1

Welcome to Sweden - Season 1




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