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Watch the Pilot for ABC's New Show 'FOREVER' NOW!!


IOAN GRUFFUDD, JUDD HIRSCHAt this rate, you'll be able to watch every single one of the new fall shows before their official premieres.
If you've been playing along at home over the last couple weeks, you've already seen the pilots of Fox's coming-of age drama Red Band Society (which will only be available until 5pm Eastern today), NBC's romantic comedy A to Z, and ABC's Karen Gillan-starring Selfie. Now, ABC has posted the pilot for its freshman drama Forever online.
UPDATE: It turns out there's a bit of a catch with Forever, in that you have to subscribe to either Hulu Plus or certain cable providers to watch it (find the full list on ABC's website), which we didn't realize when we first posted this story. Sorry about that!
Forever stars Ioan Gruffudd as immortal New York City medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan, who frequently dies and is resurrected—naked, because why not? The series chronicles Henry's partnership with Det. Jo Martinez (Law & Order's Alana De La Garza) as he investigates deaths in order to unlock the mysteries of his immortality.
Watch the full first episode below, and tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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