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"Death Do Us Part"

When a paranormal investigator is electrocuted at a haunted house, Nick, Hank and Wu investigate if a Wesen is at work...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Portland is home to Wesen and a Grimm, but could a ghost be among its residents, too? That's what ghost seekers Raymond, Carol and Paul are out to prove with a trip to the Donovan House, where married couple Stetson and Patty Donovan were found electrocuted in each other's arms.

Raymond heads to the Donovans' bedroom, where their bodies were found, to investigate while Paul and Carol explore the house's ground floor. In the kitchen, Carol sees the lights flicker, despite no running electricity in the house. When she calls Paul over, they both witness the stove's burners turn on. At the same time, Raymond films the bedroom fan turning on and its lights flickering as well. He catches a glimpse of something glowing behind him - and is attacked. Hearing Raymond's screams, Carol and Paul rush to the staircase. His body comes flying at them, burnt to a crisp.

In another part of town, Juliette implores the Captain to call his mother and find out how to reverse her Hexenbiest transformation. After he agrees, Juliette returns home and finds a concerned Nick waiting for her. When he tries to get romantic, Juliette rebuffs him, surprising Nick. The couple goes to bed soon after, but neither really sleeps. Instead, Nick heads to the trailer and picks out an axe. When he returns to the bedroom, he stands over Juliette and says, "I know what you are," before bringing the axe down on her. Thankfully, that's when Juliette wakes up. Renard calls then with an update: He's found someone for Juliette to talk to.

At the Donovan House, Nick, Hank and Wu inspect Raymond's charred body and the bedroom, where they find Raymond's half-melted camera. To learn more about the Donovans' deaths, Nick and Hank get in touch with the detective who worked the case. He explains that Patty was having an affair with Stetson's coworker Theo and that the police believe when Patty didn't leave her husband, Theo killed them both.

On her way to meet Renard for lunch, Juliette is almost hit by a car speeding by. When the car parks, she yells at its driver, but he isn't bothered one bit. Filled with rage, Juliette unexpectedly woges and causes his car engine to explode. Renard, parked nearby and having witnessed the entire thing, grabs Juliette's arm and hurries her inside. He tells her about an old friend of his mother's, Henrietta, who has agreed to meet with her and writes down Henrietta's phone number. Juliette memorizes it, then watches in amazement as the numbers rearrange themselves on the paper. Henrietta is not your ordinary Hexenbiest.

Back at the Donovan House, a homeless man wanders in and settles in for a nap in the bedroom. He is awoken when the spirits of Stetson and Patty, looking deeply in love, walk in and begin dancing. The bedroom appears to the homeless man as it did when the Donovans inhabited it, filled with candles and music. But before long, the room fills with the yellow glow of electricity, and a man's scream rings out.

Wu provides Nick and Hank with a break in the case when he shows them the footage he was able to salvage off of Raymond's camera. Just before Raymond died, he filmed what appears to be an electric Wesen coming at him. Suspecting that they could be looking at Theo, Nick, Hank and Wu track down Theo's wife, Lily. She is unhelpful at first, but when Nick reveals he's a Grimm, Lily comes clean. She told Stetson about Theo and Patty's affair, believing that Stetson would get Patty to break it off. Instead, he murdered Patty and Theo. How does Lily know for sure? Because Theo was a Scharfblicke, like her, an owl-like Wesen. Stetson, on the other hand, is a Matança Zumbido.

Alone in the trailer, Juliette reads all she can about Hexenbiests. After some time, she finally calls Henrietta. The mysterious woman gives Juliette an address to meet her at and tells her she'll know what time. Nick, Hank and Wu enter the trailer then, catching Juliette off guard. She makes up an excuse for being there and heads out before Nick can question her further. But Nick doesn't miss which Wesen she was studying up on.

Lily, having learned of Stetson's return, enters the Donovan house determined to get revenge. The homeless man watches her go inside and begins cutting off his beard - revealing that he's actually Stetson! Inside, Lily runs into Carol, who, along with Paul, returned to document the ghost that killed Raymond. But seeing Lily with a gun sends Carol fleeing, and Stetson takes advantage of Lily having let her guard down. He ambushes her and drags her upstairs. There, he reveals he walked in on Theo and Patty making love; that's why he killed them. From inside the closet, a terrified Paul is still filming.

Back at the trailer, Wu does the honors and reads the information about the Matança Zumbido aloud. The only defense against its powers is the skin of a frog that is ground into a powder, mixed with water and turned into a paste. The paste is then applied into a pierced ear. Luckily, Nick happens to have just such a paste, and it's quickly put to use when Carol calls and says Paul is trapped inside the Donovan House with a woman toting a gun.

Correctly guessing that the woman must be Lily, Nick and Hank enter the Donovan House in search of her. At the same time, Paul loudly bumps into his camera, grabbing Stetson's attention. Stetson drags Paul out of the closet and woges, ready to zap him, when Nick and Hank burst in. Hank helps Paul escape while Nick rushes at Stetson, who is shocked to see his powers have no effect on Nick. Nick is about to arrest Stetson when Lily shoots him from behind, thus ending the haunting of Donovan House.

With Juliette safely in Henrietta's hands and the Matança Zumbido handled, the Captain heads home and relaxes with a drink. Or at least he tries to. Feeling pains in his chest, Renard looks down and is shocked to see that his scarred-over bullet wounds have started bleeding again.

Is Henrietta going to have to help the Captain next? Does anyone in this friend circle ever get a break? Tune in to next week's Grimm to find out.


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